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Inspire Us Linkup Party & Christmas Homemade Announcement

I know we are one day late from our usual link up but everything kind have has been crazy lately so we didn't get one up but we sure miss seeing your stuff. So we are making it today instead? Is that good with you. Alright it is settled. 
Remember, if you haven't to put in for the Bumblebee Dress & Fabric giveaway you should.
And if you have a Halloween Costume that you have blogged about (even in years past) add it to Halloween the link up party, all links will be pinned and shared in the month of October on our social media platforms next year.
There is a Facebook Group that we have found to be useful for exclusively promoting Crafts/DIY that if you would like to join email us at shaffer dot sisters at gmail dot com and we will add you.
We want to see the stuff you have done lately, add your links and comment on a few others because we all love getting comments.  

We love Christmas, it is hereditary I think. My Grandma Twila's house was the "Christmas house" of our small town it was a beacon of joy and celebration to all that drove by or entered her home. Her grandchildren felt blessed to have the job of being Christmas elves, which depending on our size could be anything from checking for dead lights and fuses, setting up the Christmas village (which took up two large fold out tables), outdoor lighting, window clings, Christmas train.....the list goes on and on. Because she had so much that needed to be done we usually began working just after Halloween and by Thanksgiving it was ready to go. It was always magical; her warm laugh, Bing Crosby Christmas eight tracks, Cinnamon Toast and Hot Chocolate. The agreement that Grandma and Grandpa made is that the lights couldn't be turned on until Thanksgiving evening, but she was always prepared to take full advantage of the holidays.
Another very important part of our Holiday festivities, was the homemade Christmas presents that Momma Shaffer would help us make for each other. Sibling gifts were almost exclusively homemade for much of our childhood. Our sibling gifts were usually the only Christmas presents we were allowed to open on Christmas Eve.
Probably my favorite Christmas still to this day, was the year that I went to the fabric store picked out three coordinating fabrics and made Al a cap sleeve shirt, a two layered knit skirt and a little jacket and then I found a matching pair of shoes. It was so nice for me to be able to express my love to her in the time I spent working on it.
All of us girls will almost exclusively be doing our Christmas' homemade, and want to help share the homemade love. We are asking you to share your creations, lists, & ideas with us through social media (Instagram, Twitter & Facebook), use the hashtag #christmashomemade so we can keep up with you. We also will be doing a daily idea roundup from Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve on an array of seasonal ideas (if you have an link that you would like to draw attention to please e-mail us this week to shaffer dot sisters at gmail dot com and we will find a spot for it in one of our roundups).


  1. Hi! Thanks for the email reminder! Those are great, I usually forget without them and I run a few days behind in my blog reading:) I linked my Halloween stuff, how cool that you will promote them next year! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Thanks so much for the party! Today I shared my mom's amazing recipe: Belgian Brisket. This is a main dish that is special but easy to make. We always had it for Christmas Eve or some other event when the family gathered to celebrate. Tastes great with some kind of cheesy potato or Tortellini Alfredo on the side (my personal favorite).
    Ducks ‘n a Row

  3. I'm really excited for this christmas because it's the first one where I know how to sew! I love handmade gifts and usually do a lot of knitting for family but I think sewing will be so much faster this year and I'll be able to give so much more. Good luck with your gift making!

  4. Thanks for hosting! I'm starting to think about my Christmas list now....

  5. Cute pic of you and your grandma! Thanks for hosting! Stop by and link up tomorrow for Friday Follow Along Party


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