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Jo's Favorite Baby Shower Gift

With all of the sewing and cooking we do on this blog, you might think that is something I would give a new baby, but- think again.  
I go to the store, purchase a bag of diapers and a bag of rubber bands.  If I am out, I get cute ribbon.  I also get a bag of socks (6 pairs is about perfect), a couple cheep soft rattles, and a bag of chocolate (Lindtt truffles are my favorite)
Then I go to work.  In about 20 minutes I have a baby shower gift that is really just chocolates, diapers and socks, but so much more fun to look at!

What is your GO-TO baby shower gift?

With love,


  1. I love diaper cakes! They are so useful and add a great decorative element to the nursery! Yours is beautiful.

    1. Thanks Naomi!
      They really are fun aren't they! Thanks for your comment.
      Have a terrific Christmas season!
      with love,


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