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Penelope Peplum from See Kate Sew: Pattern Review

I am going to make a few good excuses for my pictures: 1. I am never in front of the camera. I am always behind it and I feel way more comfortable there, that sad Al did a great job trying to help me loosen up. 2. It was super cold (just above freezing) and raining when we took pictures, which makes it even harder to look relaxed. 

If you follow us on instagram you might have seen the pictures of the Penelope Peplum that I was able to test for See Kate Sew. I am going to share with you my favorite things about this pattern:

Looks good on all body types
I will be the first to admit I have a little too much round at the front part of my tummy but this pattern was great for masking that. This top is now my very favorite thing in my wardrobe.

I love that this pattern has a large range of sizes. My chest measurement is a 43" though and I sewed the XL (my hip and waist measurements were a little larger than her sizing diagram suggests but because of the peplum it didn't much matter). I felt like the sizing was right when compared to a commercial garment.

It can that it can be sewn in a naptime!
When I did my first muslin it whipped right up. My real fabric took a little longer because I sewed the lace and lining pieces together before I stitched the shirt up. I was still able to sew it up in a few hours even with the added time.
I know you can see in this picture that one of my buttons has fallen off my jacket, I promise I will sew it on today it was just really cold.
Great Customization Options: Three Sleeve Choices and a shorten/lengthen line
Her pattern includes 3 different sleeve lengths; cap, bicep and half. I love this because it makes the pattern perfect for any season. I am planning on making my mom the half length because she is always pushing her long sleeves up to her elbow. I will probably also use the lengthen line to add extra length she has a long waist.
Great Instructions
The directions are easy to follow. She has cute (which makes it even more fun) diagrams that are easy to dissect as well as concise directions that a beginning sewer could follow. She includes a stretch guide on the pattern so the fabric can be checked before sewing (something that I know I have been a little disappointed with the lack of in other indy patterns I have tried)

Professional Finishes
I think one of the most challenging things when doing selfish sewing is that I want it to reflect my personality but not something that screams HOMEMADE. The instructions and neck facing give a handcrafted boutique look and for this Momma that any personal clothing purchase feels like a splurge (even Wally World) it felt awesome to be in something made high quality and professional looking. 

From the tested pattern to the final results Kate added 1" extra length to the bodice pieces as well as a bow piece for attaching. Kate will be releasing a little girls version of this pattern in the near future and with the purchase of the Penelope Peplum you will get an exclusive introductory coupon code for a discount on the little girls version.
I love this pattern a whole bunch and can't wait to make more. There is some pin dot fabric at my local fabric store (similar to this one off of Girl Charlie) that I can't wait to snatch up and make next pay day.

This is my most favorite thing I have sewn for myself in 10 years. What is your favorite selfish sewing pattern? I would love to boost my wardrobe.

Fabric used:
The bottom knit is a Sew Classic Cotton Lycra blend that I picked up from Joann's. It is buttery but has decent weight to it.

And the top fabric is this fabric, I purchased it through Amazon but the seller was


  1. Gorgeous! Your pictures turned out great; you look happy and comfortable to me! I love the lace and silhouette!

  2. This looks lovely on you. Im a little *ahem* fluffier than I used to be and I love sewing things that are cute and flattering. While you are playing with knits, you should check out the greenstyle lacy hooded tshirt. It goes up to a 3x and is super cute. She has it in tween sizes too and is about to release a mens pattern. Its also a quick sew. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. this looks fantastic on you! I've already requested it for christmas but I don't know if I can wait. knit tops are the best.

  4. I like how you've styled this. I'm trying to resist, but this pattern is on my list for sure! The Lady Skater by Kitschy Coo is my favorite thing I've made for myself anytime recently. and not for me, but I can't wait for the Greenstyle Men's pattern to come out! -Rachel

  5. Lovely :) The lace is just gorgeous :) My last attempt as selfish sewing was a disaster... so no faves yet :) Will give it another go soon :)

  6. I love the layered lace, it's so delicate and pretty. And this top looks lovely on you. =)

    1. As for favorite sewing patterns... I do a lot of sewing for myself, but I draft almost everything. In the end I think it's a bit easier for me, because it's made to measure and I know it will fit. It doesn't help recommendation-wise though!

  7. You look amazing! Thank you for such a sweet post and for testing! I'm going to link to this tomorrow!

  8. No need to apologize for your photos! You are lovely and the top is so pretty too.


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