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Rogue MARVELous Birth Story Series

When Superman was 8, Hulk was 6, Flash was 5, and Iron man was 2, we welcomed that chance that we were finally getting a girl.  All I could think was pink!  The doctor was 80% sure, and that was good enough for me.  I had a nursery set up for her, and flowers on the walls.  I rocked in a rocking chair, snuggling little baby dresses, and waited.  About 3 weeks before Rogue was born, I decided to run a 5K with Captain America and the boys.  I tell you what, that was one of the hardest 5K's I have ever done!  And, on the way home I started having contractions.  Well, that was a first.  I had never had pre-labor contractions.  So, I thought I was in labor.  The contractions stuck around all day.  So, I called my friend and had her watch the superheros.  Captain America and I went to the hospital.  But, they sent us home!  I couldn't believe it, my 5th baby, and I couldn't tell the difference between real labor and fake labor.  I was frustrated!  Fast forward a week, and my sweet sisters decided to come visit.  Turns out they were excited to see a little pink in my life too.  So they came, and stayed for a week.  We put about 20 miles on our walking shoes, between walks to the nature park, around the block, and through the Mall of America.  Al still complains about the blisters :)
On the Saturday before they planned on leaving, I thought for sure I was in labor, so Captain America and I left the supers with my sisters and we headed back to the hospital!  Guess what, they sent me home again.  Well all night long, I had contractions.  And all through church I had contractions.  I painted a few pictures after church, and took some baths, and wished that I could just have a baby before my sisters made the 21 hour drive back to their home.  So, at midnight, before they were scheduled to leave at 6 am, I went back to the hospital!  They checked me and found me at 7cm dialated.  They did not send me home!

I had told them I wanted to do a water birth.  So, they started getting it set up.  I labored in the bath tub while I waited.  I must have been an 8 or 9 when the tub was full and ready.  So, I waddled to the tub and about 4 pushes later Rogue entered the world.  She did not cry.  She was calm and peaceful and happy.  I pulled her up out of the water and held her.  And it was wonderful.  It had been such a whirlwind of a night, it was nice that it was over and she was mine to hold.

The girls stopped in at the hospital to see Rogue and take some photos before they drove home that morning.  I was glad that they had come, and it was so fun to have there companionship during that last week.

Rogue has been such a blessing in my life.  And, the reason she has the name Rogue is because of her white streak, not because she is a life-force sucker.  Just so we are clear on that!
with love,

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