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Speedy Gonzales Sewing Project: Footless Baby Tights

I made these when Boston was girl size worked good for baby. But I have use women sized trouser sock for the size she is now. If they aren't going to be held up with a onesie it is good to attach some elastic to the top much the way you would on a circle skirt. I think as she gets older I might start using men's socks.
Yesterday took Boston outside and her feet and legs were freezing I realized that the skirt routine was no longer working for us. At that moment I remembered something that my friend Becky does for her little girl. She makes footless baby tights from knee high socks and just my luck our tiny little Walmart finally had some cute ones. I was amazed how quickly this project went I made like 7 pairs in 30 minutes. Want to see?
Want to make some yourself? Here is how you do it.
1. start with cute knee length socks. 2. cut the toes off. 3. cut a line down the middle
Now I don't have a picture or a graphic for this so you will have to pay attention. Turn one of the socks inside out. Now take the sock that is still right side out and stuff it into the wrong side. Now match up from where the toe was to the point of the heel (where the toe was will become your waist and the heel will become the crotch).
Now zig stitch (or if you have a serger, use it) from the top of the toe to the bottom of the heel and up to the other toe. Now in my case the socks were small enough they will stay on Boston without any further finishing but if you are wanting a more finished look to the top it is a choose your own adventure scenario: attach elastic to the top, fold over top and finish with double needle, or fold over and run a row of elastic thread on the bottom.
What is your quickest sewing project? 


  1. Cute idea! And I always seem to have holes in just the toes of my cutest socks. This is a great reuse :)

  2. Cute! Would have loved to do this when my daughter was little. She's too big now!

  3. so clever. I might have to try it sometime.

  4. Very creative and I look forward to trying it, thank you.


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