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Supermans MARVELous Birth Story Series

On May 20th 2003 I went to the doctor-at 3 pm- 6 days after my due date.  The doctor did a finger sweep  and I went on my merry way.
That evening I fed the missionaries, and I went to a church meeting.  About half way through the meeting I realized I must be in labor.  So, I drove home early and told Captain America that we needed to go for a walk.  It was about 7pm.  We walked up and down the road and anticipated a baby.  
When we got home, I put Captain America to bed.  I told him he needed to get his sleep, because we may end up at the hospital in the middle of the night.  
At 12 AM I called the hospital.  I talked to a nurse and told her I thought I might be in labor.  She said, if you can talk through your contractions, your not in labor.  Since I was calling her while I was having a contraction I decided it must not be labor.  So, I waited....for 20 minutes :)   
Then I woke Captain America up and told him it was time to go.  He said, "Honey, why don't you try to go back to sleep?"   
Al, Scary, Jo, Superman, and Captain America in all of our unditgital glory!

I told him I hadn't slept yet.  So, he grogily got up and took a shower.  Then we packed the bag and drove the mile to the hospital.  It wasn't a crazy "movie" drive.  It was just slow, steady,  and safe, like my very own Captain America.  
Superman, can you believe he was born pre-digital camera?  well sort of- we used floppy disks for the memory back then :)
We got to the hospital, and they checked me.  They told me I was at a 4.  I walked the halls.  I talked to the nurse and she asked if I wanted an epidural.  I wasn't really sure, but I didn't really want to feel the pain of labor, so I said, "I might as well".  By now, I was at a 6.  They gave me the epidural and I tried to sleep, but I was to excited.  Captain America slept.  
We were so excited.  We had a name picked out, and I couldn't wait to meet this little dude, who had been the main conversation for the last 9 months.  
At about 7am he came with little effort, and little pain.  
He was pretty sleepy, but really peaceful and sweet.  We call him Superman because he is virtually unrattled by life, he tries to help others, and he tries to stand for what is good.  But, like every good superhero, he has his kryptonite, and it literally incopacitates him.  For him, its annoying little brothers :)  But I am sure he will over come that only to find something new.  
Any way, thanks for reading.  If you want to read some more birth stories, you can click here and here.  And, welcome to our birthstory series, in preperation for my own #6.  
With love,


  1. So stinkin' sweet. Your first is such a simple birth. I remember when he was the only nephew. We spoiled him like crazy. It got harder to spoil as we got more nephews, but mostly it got hardest when our own kids came and you lived so far away.

  2. I love reading birth stories... each one is as unique as the babies are. Thanks for sharing! =)


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