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The Incredible Hulks MARVELous Birth Story Series

When Superman was 23 months old, it was time to have Mr. Hulk.  I had a doctor who was happy to schedule my births.  He enjoyed the convenience of a scheduled birth, and at the time so did I.
So the Hulk was scheduled for an induction at his 38 week mark.  I took a shower, put on makeup and curled my hair.  Captain America and I drove to the hospital, and checked in at 6 am.  I recieved an epidural, and then the IV that started my pitocin.  After about 3 hours, they broke my water.  The entire time, I felt absolutely nothing.  By about 3 in the afternoon, the Hulks heart rate was dropping.  The staff was talking about preping me for a c-section.  At the point that I was almost ready to go to surgery, the doctor asked me if he could bring a medical student in, to witness it.  I said sure.  
The med student started asking me questions, and he just happened to ask the right question.  "Are you feeling any pressure?"  Why yes, yes I was.  Well all of a sudden, they start checking, and Hulk is on his way out.  
Thank goodness for that question!  It saved me from surgery.  
The Hulk was born about 5 minutes later.  His heart rate was dropping, because as he was struggling to make it out of the birth canal, the chord was wrapped around his foot, and it was pulling him back in.
He was a cute little squishy hairy baby with a squished over nose.  Al & Scary said he looked like a monkey. Everything straightened out in the end, and he really is quite handsome now.
And, that my friends, is the story of the Hulks arrival to earth :)
with love,


  1. You should have a picture of you on here. I remember you truly looked stunning. He only looked like a monkey because he was so hairy. I think now what he had was the Shaffer look (looked a lot like dad and his dad).

  2. The whole epidural/pitocin regimen is so foreign to me... it's really interesting to hear about it from someone else's perspective. Thank you for sharing! =)


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