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What will this birth look like? MARVELous Birth Story Series

If all of my plans go according to the plan, I will be having this baby at home! Call me a hippy, go ahead, I won't care.
I hired a midwife in mid-september.  I paid all of her fees by the first of October, and she will be coming to my home the first of November.  This is my sixth baby, and this time around we did not find out what we are having, so you all will be as surprised as we are.  We did not have an ultrasound.  I didn't even have to drink that syruppy drink!
Having a home birth is completely non-evasive.  Unless I ask her to, she dosn't even plan on checking me, to see if I have dialated.  Amazing right!  After reading all of my birthstories, can you believe I am here now?
I will tell you some of the things that I have done to prepare for a home birth.
First, there is a list of supplies that you need to have on hand.  Everything from pads, to the mesh undies, to a thermometer, to the tape to measure the babies head.  I have that all prepared in a giant tupperware at the foot of my bed.  Next I bought some sheets from the thrift store, and a plastic sheet, to protect the mattress.
I washed all of that and put it away.
Then, of course there is all of the things that the baby will need, like clothes, diapers, nose snuffer, carseat, etc.
Of course we will all need to eat.  So, I have about 30 meals in the freezer.  Plus we have made lunches, and some quick breads and muffins for breakfast.
Lastly, because the baby will be born here, and because I have a family of 7 already, my home needs daily cleaning.  This is something that can only be accomplished if everyone is helping.  So all of the kids have about 10 jobs each.  They work so hard!  That has made it so that all I have to do is the dishes, the cooking,  laundry folding, and help with homework.
Now that all seems prepped and ready, we are settling in to wait for the baby!  Contractions started a week ago, and baby is still not here, but they are not hard or consistent, so I am content to wait.
With love,

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