Monday, November 11, 2013

"You Are My Sunshine" Bumblebee Dress

Today we are participating in the Sewing Mama RaeAnna's Bumble Bee Dress tour that you can pick up for $5 dollars now on her pattern page, through the 18th. She is also doing a sweet giveaway from now until the 16th, click here for more details.
The first time I saw the Bumblebee dress I was in love, and I knew I must have it. We were initially too busy with family matters to test it so I was tickled pink when she invited us to help participate in her blog tour. I love the vintage feel to this pattern and it really lends its self well to customization and has SO MANY options. And the sizing goes all the way to 12, which makes it a crazy good deal!
I wanted a dress that Boston could wear on an every day basis, but I think this pattern would work really well with special occasion fabrics (bodice pattern is lined). Because of Boston's long and slender frame I had to do a little frankensizing but the way that the pattern is made that wasn't overly difficult. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow.
I wanted the dress to fit for several months so for the top I did a 12 month width and 18 month length. Then the skirt is a 12 month width with a 2T length. The pattern comes with a skirt bottom ruffle option, which left off but I am excited to try in the future.
Lately Boston has really grown into herself and she has allowed us to see her into her sweet and silly little character. When we were trying to work on potty training (right now it is a wait and try again stage) Boston and I had an opportunity to spend a lot of dedicated time together, which was really special. Often times her brother fills our lives with his numerous and quite vocal demands. While sitting on the potty she would get frustrated in waiting, but once we would start singing, "The Wheels on the Bus," she would start laughing and smiling, then it came time for "If Your Happy and You Know It". At the part in the song where it says, "Your face will surely show it" Boston's little smile starts radiating these rays of happiness that surely could light a room. This project is really inspired by her beautiful and kind smiles, they give me so much strength when I am having a rough day.
We are suckers for yellow and gray, as evidence here and here. This pattern made a great canvas for the embroidery that I put across the hem. For the embroidery, I created a canvas in Photoshop the finished width of the skirt. I wanted only the words, "You are My Sunshine." to show from the front and so that was put before the side seam line.
Then across the back is written, "You make me happy when skies are gray. You'll never know how much I Love You (the I Love You is written a little bit bigger). When I started sewing I realized I could get the full width of the skirt in 1 cut by taking advantage of the full width of the fabric (making it easier to embroider).
For the embroidery I used a back stitch but I wasn't satisfied with the clarity of reading the letters (after further investigation I realized this was because of my lack of skill and expertise in embroidery). I decided that if I satin stitched around the writing with other tones of yellow, I would have the clarity I was looking for. In the end I loved the texture it gave, it is similar to what a handwriting would have.
The buttons on the back are yellow buttons that the center was filled in with white puffy paint to tie it into the little white circles on the yellow fabric. To protect the embroidery I opted to line the skirt as well, which I think it makes my basic broadcloth feel a lot fancier.
I am glad that I will get to see my little ray running around in this sweet dress for the next several months. 

PS. Before you go, you should check the sweet Bumblebee Dress that our dear blogging friends from over at Frances & Suzanne made for their niece.


  1. What a lovely dress and little girl. Great job!

  2. Precious, precious, precious! The dress looks fantastic, and the embroidery is beautiful {with great clarity}!!

  3. Every time I see beautiful embroidery like this I'm in awe and want to try my own hand at it! It is so personal and special that would make any girl feel like a princess! Thank you for participating!!!

  4. Very pretty Bumblebee Dress. I love the embroidery too!!!

  5. The embroidery looks great! It's such a sweet look. I also think the paint/button idea is so smart. Great job!

  6. what a sweet sunny dress :) I love the embroidery :)

  7. This is Beautiful!! I LOVE embroidery on a dress ever since I saw Frances Suzanne do it!! You give me Intense Inspiration!!

  8. LOVE the embroidery!!! Your stitching makes for a very special dress. And yellow on blue... perfect!

  9. What beautiful embroidery! Lovely job. =)

  10. This dress is just so precious! I love the embroidery and the yellow and grey colors together! Congratulations!

  11. LOVE the embroidery! Such a lovely touch!

  12. Lovely! I never thought of using text along a hem line but I love it! Thank you for linking up to the Fashionable Type linky party!


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