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3D Model of the Earth/ Rice Krispie Treat Style

Oh what do you do when your 5th grader comes home from school, and tells you that he has to make a 3D model of the earth, and that is the only homework he has, and it is due on Monday and you are pregnant and you forget on Saturday and you don't shop on Sunday?  
Well, this is what I did.
I ran to the store at 5:30 this morning for ingredients for rice krispy treats.
At 6:15 we started making our project.

It started with a gum drop inner core, followed by a purplish red outer core, an orangish mantle and a blue crust with green continents.
As a qucik note, if you ever have to color rice krispies, its easy to color the marshmallows and butter before adding the cereal.   

SuperMan was pretty proud of the project overal.

 Eating the left over rice krispies made for a pretty yummy breakfast, especially if your pregnant.
With love,
-Jo and Superman

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