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Pink Tie -Big Boy Tie from Peaches & Peanuts : Pattern Review & One Day Sale

Ryder has always had a fair amount of energy. Even at birth he always let out the loudest cries, wanting to show that he wanted to be heard. Lately this extra energy has taken a toll on his church ties (which are all snap on or velcro). Week after week it seems like the tie options are being narrowed by Ryder's extra energy. I knew something needed to be done but didn't really know what to do about it...kinda like getting him to stay at Primary at church but that is a different story.
Recently, the ultra talented Mommy of 6 (soon to be 7) Shannon from Little Kids Grow, has recently released her own pattern line called "Peaches & Peanuts". For a mommy who's little boy is growing up (literally, not just figuratively) way too fast I am pretty excited that her patterns are made for the 6-14 crowd. When she made a call for Pattern testers for the small/medium sized "Big Boy Tie", I jumped at the chance. And this is one that you should jump at purchasing today (12/20/2013) because she is offering today only at 99 cents! Now it available for $2.95.
If you have a boy, Ryder and I say it is a MUST BUY PATTERN! Read below to find out why and then go take advantage of her sale price and go purchase. 
This tie was a really quick sew and I love the way that Shannon set it up so you don't have to use interfacing or a very large strip of fabric. It really requires a relatively small square of fabric, with little waste. For this tie I used a basic quilters cotton, but the pattern also works with silks and other fabrics. In the future I would love to try using a medium weight upholstery fabric, because Ryder loves Slim Jim's "carpet bag ties". I love how simple this tie was to put together it 10 steps from start to finish.
You might be wondering why I chose the fabric I did. (1) You can't see it in the pictures but this fabric has tiny little polka-dots, similar to the material that I used here. Ryder loves polka dots, they are one of his favorite prints on his sisters clothing. Every time I make or put Boston in something polka dot then he makes not of it. He loves it so much that he has asked in the past for me to make something polka dot for him.
(2) Real boys aren't afraid to wear pink. I figured while we were doing polka dots we should push the limit just one more way and do pink. And I like the fun nature it gives the tie without being too costumey (that isn't a word but I want to use it alright?).
(3) Little Hint: This tie is actually the first preview into Project Run & Play's next season. I am really hoping to pull out some solid looks for Ryder this season and the tie is critical to my Week 2: From the Movies design. The next time you see this tie should be paired with some other momma made items......"Gotta _ _ _ _ e." Theme. Any Guesses on the Movie?
I guess that you can probably guess from the pictures that Ryder totally and completely loved it. When I tried to take it back after the photo shoot, he tried  and just so you know he fought me when I tried to take it back. And put it up for Christmas. I hope that I can whip out a few more for stocking stuffers.

I can't believe it is 5 days until Christmas! The last several days I have been under the weather so now I have a lot of catching up to do. How are you guys doing? 

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  1. Ooh I love that you did pink AND polka dots! It turned out great, and it looks like he loves it! Great job!


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