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15 Minute No Sew Project: From Cousin Hand Me Down to Fur Fabulous Boots

The week before I was working on my Winter Wonderland look for Project Run and Play. I was loving it but I was really as to a loss to what shoes I would put Boston in. She had recently received some new black boots from Grandma & Grandpa, but I was worried that they might draw the eye away from the Brown, Ivory & Sea Foam Green color scheme I had chosen.

I still had no idea what I was going to put her in a couple hours before the photo shoot. As I waited for her to finish napping I realized I had a few minutes and extra faux fur I decided to put my hot glue gun to use.
I started by gluing to the bottom of the shoe trying to cover the worn trim. I then trimmed it so it would just be a little bit longer than the sweater cuff on the boot. I then hot glued at the top of the fur underneath the sweater cuff. My second one turned out better than the first because I used a seam that was already in the faux fur for the front. The only part that was a little tricky was the zipper because I had to trim it down a bit.
I was so happy with the results. I really think they breathe new life to these cute shoes.

I didn't ask for permission from Al before I did it but with it being hot glue she can always remove it if fur isn't in when the next baby girl that comes to the family.

My inspiration for this project was a mix between:



  1. I am so glad you did this! It totally makes your outfit.
    Love yah!

  2. I've got a few hand-me-downs from my niece that aren't is the best shape, so this comes as a great idea. I'm pinning!


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