Thursday, January 9, 2014

Keeping the Shaffer Sisters Straight: Venn Diagram Edition

Recently it has come to our attention that we can be confusing with our posts with our different styles, similar situations and tons of kids that who knows who belongs to which sister.
Edit: This has also been added to our about page. Along with other information
click on the picture to see it all larger

Feel free to look at it and let it straighten your mind out.
 With Love,
The Shaffer Sisters


  1. This should go on your about page! Yes, I was confused and didn't even know it! I thought I had everyone sorted out- but there are THREE sisters!! Great "map"!

  2. DEFINITELY put this on your 'about you' page {so I can find it and look at the goodness again and again!} Very well-organized venn diagram of the three of you....thanks for 'mapping it out' for us all!!

  3. Ha ha this is awesome! I always need to brush up on this even though I've met two of you in real life!

  4. Lol I agree add to the about page for future just in case reference! :)


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