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Mom! I almost got AITEN!

So, last Saturday we had a little bit of wildlife overload.
In the morning, Ironman went on a hike on the hill behind the house.  He was gone for about 10 minutes.  When he came down to the house at a high speed pace.  He slammed the door open and shut again.  "Mom, I almost got Aiten!" he yelled, completely out of breath.  I asked him to describe the animal.  "Well, it had four feet on the ground, and it looked like a horse.  I think it was a moose."   I told him he better take dad up to the top of the hill and show him.

Sure enough, he came back down the hill having seen a moose or two!  It was amazing and terrifying.
Later during the day, I was working on something.  I hear, screaming through the house, "A polar bear, A polar bear, come on boys, lets go see the polar bear!"  So, I go run out the door, and there in front of me, belly button high, is an English Sheep Dog.  It was huge, and stinky and hairy, and sweet.  We fed it, and gave it a drink, and took it to the pound.

So, we had a crazy day of wierd animals.  But we lived to tell the tale.
with love,

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