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Monsters Aren't Real: Children's Book Review

When I was a new mom I had no idea what books Ryder would like and we went through quite a few that he quickly lost interest in. I really wished I had a mom friend to tell me what books they or their kids loved. Over time we have found some real winners that I hope to share with you.

The first book that I would like to review is "Monsters Aren't Real" by Kerstin Schoene (not an affiliate link, just a good book).

Boston got this book for Christmas and the kids have had a lot of fun with it.
The words are super simple and I think when it comes time for Ryder to read it will make a good little reader.
The change in boldness and size of the text through the book helps the reader gives great narration instructions. First time we read it the kids were giggling.
The illustrations really make this book and half of the pages just have pictures with no words which gives the kids an opportunity to illustrate their own story.
Ryder really struggled with a fear monsters when he was Boston's age and I think a book like this would have really been good for him. It makes the situation of monsters jovial without totally disregarding the scared feeling of a young child.
 The only thing I didn't really care for is that in one of the pages there is a dog lifting its leg to pee on the monster. I try and just skip over that quick enough that the kids don't notice.
Overall I would give it 4.5 (had to take off half a point for the dog thing).

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