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Party in my lunch! Super Easy Sandwich Cookies

In honor of sack lunch moms everywhere, and amping up our coolness factor I am going to show you how to make some pretty tasty sandwich cookies.

 But first off, did you know you can make your own powdered sugar?  No?  Well, I didn't either until tonight.  When I decided to make a cream cheese frosting and realized I was out of powdered sugar.  
It is super easy.  Ready?  You blend sugar!  Can you believe it?  Well I tried it.  It worked pretty well.  It was slightly grainy, so next time I will try blending it a little longer.  

 So, now that you have blended/powdered sugar, lets begin. 

 Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe, or cheat like me and purchase the mix.  Make up some basic round sugar cookies and let them cool.  (I take them out when they are still a little doughy and let them finish baking on my cookie sheet outside of the oven.)

 Next whip up your frosting.  To get frosting this consistency, I used 1 package of cream cheese and 1 cup of blended sugar and about 2 tablespoons of this carmel coffee creamer.  
It adds a fun flavor and a creamy texture.

Next, take two cookies of similar size turn them upside down and frost both cookies.

 Sprinkle one of the frosted cookies with your favorite ice cream sprinkles.

 Sandwich them together.

 And, WALLAH party on a plate, or in your lunch, or in your mouth.  
I always try to end up with 1 lone cookie, that just can't be wrapped, and must be sampled.  

with love,

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  1. My daughter would love these! She's a fan of both frosting and sprinkles. And thanks for the tip on making your own powdered sugar--never knew that!


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