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Winter Pixie & 3 Easy Lace Accessories

Winter Wonderland week of Project Run and coincides with Boston's 2nd Birthday.

This last Saturday was Boston's 2nd Birthday; a few days before it I was switching out small clothes with larger clothes and at the bottom of the box was both kids "Home from the Hospital" clothes. I went into mommy shock. I looked at Boston as she held her new baby doll and realized she was holding a doll that was nearly the same size as her when she was born. How did that happen?

This first week of Project Run and Play is Winter Wonderland, as my mind ran through my design. I knew I wanted it to symbolize and reflect my feelings on raising this sweet little girl. I knew that I wanted it to be full of whimsy & beauty, because that has been much the way such has been in our lives fun & and oh so sweet.
Boston coming to our family really brought me back to sewing. I had always been into the ultra-feminine sewing for myself, so suddenly I was able to sew feminine in miniature.
Shortly after the gender revealing ultra sound, I received a special gift from my mom, ruffling foot. That ruffling foot was used on the bottom ruffles of this dress. The tiers on this dress go 25.5 (where the shirring is), 45, 90 and 3 rows of 3" ruffles. On the seam between the 1st and 2nd layer I applied a lace & pearl applique that I had cut off an old nightgown.

One of my favorite things about Boston from the beginning was her beautiful bright eyes. In the beginning she was able to express what she wanted through those expressive little windows. I love how the colors in the shirt really show off her eyes.
I purposely made the top tunic length so that she would be able to get a lot of wear out of it. I even left the arms a little longer so that it would keep her hands warm in freezing January weather and but she will be grown the arms by spring.
I used the Cupcake Top from Sewing Mama Raeanna (I used 2T width and 3T length on sleeves & bodice), instead of using the neckline on the pattern I used the existing neckline on the sweater and omitted the ribbing step. I also cut the bottom band off the shirt and used it to suck the bottom in. I love all the fun options Raeanna put in this pattern it makes it nice as a blank slate. The fabric is from a women's small sweater that picked up at church swap meet.

The fur bolero was drafted based off of a favorite church dress. The fur was refashioned from a coat I received at a church swap meet. I added a vintage style button to the front to give the feel of a broach.
Okay now for the fun part as part of Sewing Mama Raeanna's Snowflake and Lace series I am sharing 3 Easy Lace Accessories for Winter that could add whimsy to your looks without much time.
 Pixie Hat

A pixie hat in my mind was a must. I wanted to emphasize her sweet and dainty features by drawing the attention to her face. Her smile is one that brings a lot of joy to my life as she runs around the house busy as a bird. It is constructed from natural color muslin and Point D'Esprit Bridal Lace I chose blush and cream ribbon to compliment her fair skin tone to run through the lace that I put on the border of the pixie hat.
To make this I measured from check to check across the front. I then measured across the back. And from the middle front in the curve I wanted and from the middle back. I am including my pattern piece so you have a reference as to shape. I added a 1.5" pleat near each her ear to suck it in.

Removeable Peter Pan Collar

The peter pan collar was franken-drafted using the neckline as a guide I placed my finished shirt on a piece of paper and then poked holes through the paper at the neckline. Then using the round shape from collar pattern pieces from the Clever Charlotte, Chickadee Blouse and Skirt, I fiddled with it till I was satisfied with the pieces. I know that you could draw your own curve line if you don't have this pattern. Then I added on my seam allowance. For assembly I put together the right then the left side at the shoulder seam.
I then used a ring from refashioned from a bracelet of mine that the kids recently broke. The back closure has the same type of button as the fur coat's broach. I love that this peter pan collar can be used with this top or other basic knit shirts (because I am probably going to need to make like 10 more Cupcake Tops because this pattern is awesome). The fabric is left over scraps from my Penelope Peplum.

Ruffled Lace Flower
The lace flower was quick addition to the look and took just a few minutes to make. This has the versatility of being worn on the pixie hat or on its own. It couldn't be more perfect for the little gal that loves to accessorize. If you want to make your own I have included a tutorial below.

1. Gather 2 yards of 1 inch lace and gather until it won’t compress any further. Cut two circles out of felt slightly larger than your clip. 2. Starting on the outside of one of the felt circles, draw a spiral with a hot glue gun stopping every few seconds to press lace into the glue. Continue until the whole space is filled with lace. 3. Open your clip and put your other circle in the middle then hot glue the circle to the clip. 4. Cover the top side of the clip circle with hot glue then press firmly together until the hot glue dries the two.

As part of the Snowflake and Lace Series Sewing Mama Raeanna and sewVery are hosting an awesome giveaway (with super cute patterns & trims) make sure you put in for it because there are some great prizes.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
How about one from the outtake reel? Snacks were an essential part of these pictures, because it was chilly and right after naptime. 

Most of these pictures I wanted to have a touch more whimsy in the coloring so I used the Vanilla Latte and Vintage Blush Actions from The CoffeeShopBlog. I didn't use them in full force or they would have overwhelmed the pictures but I do like the coloring it gives.

The gold coat was handme down from Ty and was store bought.
The jeggings are from Children's place.
The boots were renewed by fur scraps and a hot glue gun for more on that click here:


  1. What a beautiful outfit! It's perfect for a little girl! It's so dainty and sweet! The fur bolero turned out fabulous, and I love all the lace details!

  2. Wow! You went above and beyond on this one! Four lace projects for our series. They are all lovely, and your daughter is just precious. The lace collar is my favorite and reminds me of the Battenburg lace collars I used to wear in the '80s! Thanks for being a part of our series!

  3. Really beautiful ruffled dress! I love all the pieces and how they mix to make fancy or casual outfits. gotta try that lace flower - thanks

  4. Everything is amazing! Love the removable collar. But that dress is just the cutest and with that pixie hat?!? So precious!

  5. What a lovely outfit for your beautiful little girl! Love how the fur matches the lace, and they look great each on its own!

  6. Scary,
    I love it! The whole thing makes me want to come and cuddle that little sweet pixie. Great Job!
    Love yah,

  7. So beautiful!!! I love all the work you put in to make your little girl the perfect picture of femininity in miniature! :) And I love how you turned the Cupcake Top into that adorable tunic! It really does bring out her eyes! <3

  8. I love the story behind the pieces. The lace paired with fur is especially great too!

  9. Very cute outfit for the little fashionista! Love the colors and the atmosphere in the photos.

  10. Such a cute outfit! I love the hat collar and that blue top! So precious.

  11. I can't tell you enough how cute your new signatures are! I love them. That removable peter pan collar is my favorite. It's so cute with the top and I know it would work on so many other things as well. :)

  12. I think this is just lovely. I love how you explain her personality and what you love about her when planning the outfit!

  13. Very gentle dress! laces are simply wonderful!

  14. What a beautiful dress and cute accessories! Great job!

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  17. I seriously can't tell which piece I liked best! This is great! Congratulations!


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