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Betty Skirt Tester Photos

We are so in love with our testers!  They did so much behind the scenes work for us.  They ironed all of the wrinkles out of our pattern.  They put in SEW much time.  They gave us terrific feedback.  They supported and encouraged us along the way.  We can't say enough thank you's to them.  We are grateful for all the work they did for us, and we just love them!
I Married Superman: Gathered with Placket
Betty Skirt | SewsNBows
Sews N Bows: Gathered with Placket
Call Ajaire: Small Pleat
Two Many: Large Pleat

The Life of a Compulsive Crafter: Large Pleat
Get Your Crap Together: Large Pleat
So here are just a few of the great looks of the Betty Skirt, from our fabulous testers.  Thank you Ladies!

Please go show them some comment love.

With Love
-The Shaffer Sisters


  1. Adorable! I lobe your pattern! Great job!

  2. Cute skirt! Congrats ladies! -Rachel

  3. They all look adorable! Great job everyone - pattern makers and testers!

  4. Those skirts look wonderful! Congrats ladies :)


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