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Cheesy Valentine

A few weeks ago when we were working on the "project" we took a couple minutes to snap Valentine pictures of the kids.
Valentine's Day 2 years ago was when we posted our first real themed sewing project. That was what really hooked us in children's sewing. Boston was only a month old so the only picture we go of her was on the ground next to the sliding glass door & it was only 10 degrees so the few we did outside of Ty and Ryder we had to snap quick. Heber wasn't even born.
Boston loves her thumb, her blanket, BIG hugs, little fish kisses, pretty skirts, fancy necklaces and of course her brother's Tonka trucks.
 Ryder is always racing from one end of the room from another, lets just say he keeps me on my toes. But when he smiles with his goofy grin I can't help smile back.
These two have become such good friends over the last two years. Together they can have lots of fun and make big messes (messes and fun seem to go hand and hand) but when Ryder does something that she doesn't like he let it be known.
Heber is so smoochy that you can't help but WUV him back. I don't think I've shared pictures, but when he wants a kiss, he puckers up his kissers and moves right in. Such a great kiddo.
Ty is the funniest girl. Most of the time she's not trying to be funny, but her seriousness just is so comical coming from such a little girl. Everyday she brings me genuine joy.


  1. I remember that Valentine photoshoot so well and how much I loved it. amazing how they have grown in two years =D And are looking so cuteeeeeeee

  2. Love that skirt! Happy Valentine's Day, and enjoy those little ones while they are still little!

  3. What darling kids, and what sweet outfits and photos. =)


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