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Major Project in the Works...

I've decided to finally get you guys in the loop of a pretty major and ongoing project.
I've been working on something very special for months now. It's going to be Ty's main present for her birthday. I'm only half done making it and by the time I'm finished it will be without a doubt my greatest creation of 2014.
I showed Ty a little picture of her present and she got so excited. "I get a pretty skirt!" That's not what this gift is, but I wouldn't rule out a skirt from on the presents she opens. The camera that took the image gave the silhouette of a skirt, but it is definitely something different.

Ty wanted a few hints while still wanting it to be a surprise. I thought I'd share some with you as well and see if you could figure it out.
It smells good.

We don't eat it (Ty asked if we could eat her present; I think she was thinking of cake when she asked this question).
It's soft.
It's peach and pink.
It's not sparkly (Ty asked this too).
It's just bigger than a fat quarter.
It is nearly as heavy as a sack of potatoes.
It's fragile, but not made of glass.
It's a four letter word. Ty's really been into spelling lately so we taught her how to spell it; the funniest part was she has no idea what she was spelling, but she is just so excited.
It's not a bird (she was sure it was a bird and could fly).
Have you figured it out? If you think you guessed it, leave a comment below with your idea. As long as we don't have anything major scheduled, I will reveal the project next post.

With Love,


  1. Squeeeeeee!! BABY?? There are babies in bellies everywhere at the moment!

  2. a BABY???? If it is a baby you'll be due around the same time as I am!!!! I'm half way through!

  3. It has to be a baby right? That is the most exciting news!! I hope that's it :)

  4. I was repeating baby, baby, baby as well through this entire post!!!

  5. Ugg, I didn't even guess baby! The closest thing I could come up with was coat. Duh! If you saw our latest post, you know our fragile, soft, four letter, un-sparkly, good smelling, sack of potatoes arrives in 6 weeks!

  6. I read your next post first so I know the answer ;)


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