Monday, February 24, 2014

Oops We Goofed! Sale Extension

It was brought to our attention that we made a mistake with our sale on the Betty Skirt.  We told everyone that the pattern would be on sale until Sunday the 24th (which wasn't a real date). We had originally intended the sale to go to Sunday 23rd.
But since the 24th was Monday and we moved the price up to the full price $9 Monday morning, it hurt those of you that thought the sale went through midnight 24th.  I did not realize the mistake until 7 pm MST. To make up for this time, we are extending the sale through Tuesday, 25th at 10 am MST. This should allow all of you to get the sale price before it is gone!
Don't forget to check out the great tester pictures.
With Love,
The Shaffer Sisters

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