Monday, February 3, 2014

Orchid Damask Dress Coat

Growing up in a super small town there was always the struggle between what was normal and fashionable. Year after year kids wore the same type of name brand T's (i.e. Holister or Lucky) with jeans. Anything different made you an outcast. I remember when I was in sixth grade I got this super cute pair of capris and I got made fun of terribly for them. About two years later capris finally came to the town as generally acceptable. Our small town made it hard to follow current fashion tends. It seems that I've been struggling to to evolve with the ever changing learning curve my entire life. And trust me, I've made my fair share of fashion fopas over the years while trying. I've always known that I love bold looks, but originally it wasn't always tasteful. I mixed stripes and polka dots when the rule was only one print with a coordinating solid.
One of my favorite parts of moving to bigger cities has been the seeing the expression of individuality through fashion. I love seeing all the different cultures and walks of life that people come from.
My goal for sewing for the kids has been to help them be comfortable in their own individual personalities, but also teach them to be tasteful, modest, and sensible. The latest unanswered need in the kids wardrobe was a dress coat for Ty. I tried to take this flip as an opportunity to meet that need. I also wanted to consider what she'd love to have the most in it. Her favorite color is purple and orchid just happens to be the color of 2014. She also loves wearing things that fly when she spins and anything with ruffles are great.
For the first time since moving to Utah, I find myself grateful for the air inversions of the big city. With the great lighting of the polluted air and Scary's mad photography skills I got some truly great pictures to treasure. To top it off Ty had so much fun seeing all the beautiful decorations and felt like a princess for the afternoon. I wish every project and photo-shoot could end up like this.
Details on Design:
My inspiration for this project came from two sources. The first being Chickadee Blouse and Skirt Pattern and the second being Rachel's magenta trench-coat on Glee. After multiple sketches I finally came up with a design I loved that contained details from both.
I decided to make it 2T length and 4T width since I wanted it to fit for a couple of years. Borrowing the idea of the skirt I decided to make that part of the jacket as well. I needed it to be able to be full because then it would work with any dress. I made a circle skirt pattern that worked with my pieces. I modified the peter pan collar so that the curve was more symmetrical. I also merged the top and bottom bodice front pieces so that it was just a left front bodice and a right front bodice. I kept the back pleat from the original blouse pattern and the upper back bodice piece. I added welted flap pockets on the skirt and cuff bands to the sleeve. Ruffles were important in giving it length for growing room and aesthetic appeal. I hope you love it as much as we did.
With Love,


  1. I love this so much. I want one for me and Libby. Beautiful!

  2. I love the fabric choice, and the combination of prints. To me that really makes this dress special.

  3. OMG! What a darling dress! So cute.

  4. Yes, those are mad photography skills! Your coat is magnificent, and the photos really do it justice. Stunning coat!!

  5. WOW!!! I love this! The fabric is so awesome, too. Fantastic job!!!

  6. Lovely coat! The color is beautiful on her. Great fabric choice!

  7. I love this coat so very much! It was my favorite "flip" last month. It is truly a head-turning piece...just lovely. :)

  8. This is gorgeous! That fabric is so pretty! :)

  9. I want to know exactly how you modified the pattern! I love, love, love this, and want to try this, and already have the perfect fabric picked out! You can see our Project Run & Play submission for week 4 here:

  10. This takes my breath away! Wonderful job, gorgeous fabric and stunning pictures of your lovely daughter.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous! What a lucky girl.


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