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Project Reveal: It's a BABY!

Well you ALL guessed right! We're getting a new addition to the family sometime in July. Don't feel like you've been left out of the loop too long because I just told my family a few weeks ago. It was one of those, well if I don't take a pregnancy test then I don't have to be pregnant yet. Nine months is just so long, I'm glad I chopped the time in half. Once I had chosen a clinic, I was ready to face pregnancy.

We're not sure what it is, but we're really excited!

Since I grew up with mostly sisters, I'm wishing for a girl so that Ty can have a sister to be her best friend to have late night pillow talk with as she goes through all the excitement of growing up. My sisters were there with me through it all. Kindergarten crushes, bullies, periods, first loves, marriage, new babies, the list is seriously endless and just keeps growing. Plus boys just have an added level of athleticism that translates to hard toys flying towards your head (Heber has a very good arm and excellent aim; he means well, but just not my favorite thing). Samson votes girl as well and so far he's always got what he wanted.

During Martin Luther King Day Weekend I picked up a bunch of $1 toy patterns (did you know the big fabric stores have pattern sales during all of the major holidays). I got mostly girly stuff, but I did get a couple of patterns that would work for a little boy. Then during Presidents weekend I picked up a few $1 bag patterns. I want to make the perfect diaper bag. I've also been pinning like crazy for baby baby mobiles and wall signs I could make.

This is my first pregnancy to really get to enjoy and prepare. With Ty I was in school through my
pregnancy and took an online class the semester she was born (plus I was crazy enough to make her a baby blanket that took about a month to put together). Then with Heber I was doing my student teaching up until a few months before he was born. Those months were spent with trying to get my house back in order after passing that torch to my husband during student teaching. The baby blanket I made for him took an afternoon to make.

Life is really great right now. The only tragedy is that my maternity clothes are still in Idaho and my tummy is growing and growing. I'm running out of stuff to wear. Luckily I also just picked up a couple of Megan Nielson Maternity Patterns (Simplicity is selling them, also got them for $1). I'd better start sewing up a storm or only wear baggy t-shirts and basketball shorts all the time and that might look funny on the days I substitute at the high school. Lol.

Do you have any gender predictions?

With Love,


  1. A big congratulations to you, Al!! So exciting! Hmm, I'll guess boy!

  2. Congrats! What wonderful news. 9 months is a long time isn't it! I remember I put off my first appointment with my second for the same reason- practically took it down a trimester. -rachel

  3. Congratulations! I am really excited for you! =) Love the ultrasound pictures.
    And wow, I could NOT go that long without taking a test... one week late is about as long as I can handle. =D
    I'm usually wrong at gender guesses, except for my own babies, but I'm guessing 'boy' this time. =) I have a 50% chance of being right. ;-)

  4. I won't predict gender…but Go To Patterns just released a free baby sized leggings pattern (the go to leggings but in baby sizes) ;)

    1. btw congratulations!! (missed that important part…)

  5. Congrats :) That's very exciting news :) Not gonna make any predictions. I was sure Little Monkey would be a boy (didn't find out), and then I gave birth to the most gorgeous girl! So it might turn out you won't need that girly stuff :0 Maternity dress pattern looks great!

  6. congrats Al! I'm due beginning of August, my husband is also hoping for another girl. If it's a boy you'll have some cute baby presents to give away. I'm probably going to be doing that too, I have some fabric begging to be a sweet baby dress! I really miss having you as a neighbor! Good luck with everything

  7. I just knew today the gender of my baby but I am not revealing it yet... I am so excited that we'll be growing together and babies are most likely to be due about the same day =D Ahhhh now I can start sewing! I have no clue about your baby's gender, but I cross fingers for another girl.

  8. Congratulations!! Very exciting news! Can't wait to see all the cute maternity and baby things you sew up! Hope you are feeling well :)

  9. Congrats! I hear you on the long 9 months...I would always wait as long as possible (I think I made it to 18 weeks at least with each pregnancy) before we would tell anyone. It made the time go so much faster I think because I wouldn't have people constantly asking about it. As for genders, we ended up with 2 boys and then 2 girls...each time I guessed correctly before we ever found out. Hoping it's a girl for you for all of the reasons listed above. As for mobiles, I did this one for my girl's room and it turned out lovely. It took a little finagling to get it balanced (hang it somewhere that is easy to reach while you do this), but it is worth it. It's cheap (twigs and scraps), easy and can match any decor.


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