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City Girl Frock & Top from See Kate Sew: Pattern Review

I was lucky enough to be a tester for the City Girl Frock from See Kate Sew. This pattern has all the greatness of a See Kate Sew Pattern (you know, the super cute diagrams and great detailed instructions)! The City Girl is a great example that comfort can be stylish.
It has 3 lengths (top, tunic, dress), 2 sleeve lengths & 2 necklines (cowl & non-cowl). This look would look good on most body types, even those of us whose hips and love handles will probably always be hanging around from childbearing. The fitted shoulders keep it from being frumpy while the bodice gives comfort. 
This piece is such a good transitional piece for young mom's like me who either seem to be pregnant, nursing or trying to regain our bodies. It seems like I need 3 different wardrobes, for the continual metamorphosis that I am putting my body through. But this top could definitely stay in the closet regardless of stage. As I've have been substitute teaching a local high school, and it has been nice to have something that covers my growing tummy, looks professional, and is in fashion.
Since the pattern test, Scary has sewn one up without the cowl. She wore it on a bloated day (you know the ones that you just don't want to to get dressed but you NEED groceries) she loved that she felt so comfortable but then caught herself in the mirror and was pleased at the fact she didn't look TOO comfortable.
The two of us have spent the last 4 years talking about the perfect "Forgiving Mom Top" and played with different ideas of what would make the perfect "Forgiving Mom Top". I even gave my go at trying to make one last year; it came close but didn't have the perfect combination of stylish and comfy. This is so, so, so forgiving. Don't believe me, look: 
18 weeks of pregnancy could almost hide under the top as long as it wasn't belted.

What would your "forgiving mom top" look like? 

You can get it now on sale with the Just Add Jeans Collection from Pattern Anthology (through the 24th) or it will be sold by itself at full price.

Size: Large (which is a little big based on my chest measurement, but right in line with my hips)
Length:  Tunic
Alternation: Made sleeves a little longer based on my own arm length.

With Love,
PS I have NEVER been able to do the no smile look without looking like I was going to kill someone,  but I was happy for some reason it worked out. It may have been luck, but I think it had more to do with how comfortable I felt in this top paired with the falling snow.

Can you rock the serious look or do you usually look like a clown when you take serious pictures (like I do 99.99% of the time)?


  1. What stunning pictures! I love the yellow on you! That's one color I can't get away with. Seriously considering those tops...they look amazing from what I've seen on blogosphere.

  2. This is really cute on you! I love the happy yellow and the cowl fabric. Lovely pregnant belly too. =)
    You just made me realize that I smile ALL the time... or at least all the time for photos. I just looked through all my photos of myself (which is rather a lot, but only because I sew for myself a lot) and realized that only about 3 are not smiling! .... okay, I even just looked at photos I'm tagged in on Facebook. Even in the two where I didn't know I was being photographed I'm smiling! I guess I'll have to try the unsmiling look and see if I seem mad or not. ;-)

  3. Your top is so cute!! I love the yellow color too and the contrasting cowl. I'm always smiling in pictures because otherwise I look like a clown. There are a few pictures where the no smiling look has worked out for me, but not many.

  4. I love it. I love your belly!!! =D I gotta start sewing myself a few maternity pieces, this one looks great.

  5. Just finished some selfies for a pattern test and I feel like I look goofy either way... Oh well, the things we do for sewing! This looks lovely on you!

  6. The color is so good on you! I love how this looks. Which length did you use?

  7. Your pictures are so cute!! Thanks again for testing! I'm curious to know if it will fit all the way through the third trimester!

  8. You look adorable in this! Yellow is a great color for you.


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