Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Giveaway for Feather Flights

Today our dear friend Heather from Feather's Flights is giving away a copy of the Betty Skirt!
I just adore Heather, she is very kind and thoughtful. She is someone that I am grateful to have met through blogging, since then we have developed a real friendship. She is the best seamstress that I have ever had a chance to met and is my go to sewing encyclopedia on all things sewing and sewing blogging. For all the times that we have gotten together we only have one picture together from the night we met at dinner hosted by Simple Simon & Co.
Taken from Kaylee's Instagram

Every time I get on her site I get lost in looking back through old posts and I always learn a bunch. Feel free to enter even if you already own the Betty Skirt we will refund your purchase if you win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Thanks for introducing me to festers F lights, always good to find a new blog to read and enjoyed a rummage in your blog too

  2. Well, since we forgot to buy The Betty Skirt when it was first released, we are so glad to have a second chance!

  3. Love the options with the Betty Skirt...and the Shaffer Sisters blog is one of my favorites to read.

  4. I am having a great time reading up on the Shaffer Sisters blog!


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