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Isn't it funny how your dreams change?

Hello friends! When I was a little girl I dreamed of being a country singer but my love of music isn't enough to overcome my fear of performing in public. I tried and failed on multiple occasions, like the time I sang the national anthem before a high school game with Al and we were so quiet that the ASL signer couldn't follow because she couldn't hear us.
Next, I dreamed of being a politician. Love the process but I can't stand contention. Fighting makes me want to crawl up in a hole and hide. The American political system always clicked easily to my brain but it was learning about the international cultures and government systems that really made my heart race. Marriage & having children have put my world travels on hold for a little while, though Slim Jim has the same dreams so maybe when we are retirees we will travel the globe.
After I college graduation jobs were scarce everywhere and most especially the little college town of Rexburg, Idaho. After a month of applications and interviews I final got offered a job from a small web hosting company as technical support. I learn quickly how little I knew about the internet but I realized that I loved learning it all. I worked my way up company into various positions, but due to downsizing and the recession I never lost a title just gained one more. By the time I left I was doing tech support, website building and search engine optimization. 
I left my job to be a Momma to Ryder (who was almost 1) and a stay at home wife for the first time in my married life. It was so nice to be staying home instead of working. I was happy to be able to go out and play with Ryder. I really worked diligently on my cooking skills; collecting kitchen supplies, recipes and cooking knowledge.

When I was pregnant with Boston, I was very sick the smell of food or even seeing food would make me loose it. Instead of being a gourmet home chef went into full nesting mode, I was moving furniture trying to make room for a crib. I moved the large desk that had been in Ryder's room to the living room so I could sell it. When I did I had to move the sewing machine that my Momma had given me almost 2 years earlier. With in the course of that day, I changed my mind I decided that it would be a sewing table.

Then we found out our second child was a little girl, I remembered my love for organza, ruffles and creation (flashbacks came of years of designing barbie clothes & my senior prom dress). I bought my first ever PDF pattern and worked on her home from the hospital outfit. And then I began work on my daughter's blessing dress for a year re-designing and creating. Every time I picked it up I fell deeper in love with what I was doing.
I feel so blessed to have my sisters (Al & Jo) beside me and that together we are able to travel the world through our blog.
All the while, I am hidden safely within the walls of my own home. Squeezing in sewing between: cooking delicious food, raising and mediating the occasional argument by my two children, and discussing music with my sole mate. The Lord has given me voice through writing and a stage through blogging.
With Love,


  1. Your singing story made me laugh because a very similar thing happened to me. It was awful, I will never ever be a performer, but i'm ok with that. Between the end of 4-h till Libby was born I sewed maybe a couple times and now I sew all the time . I don't know what it is about little girls that makes you want to sew cute things, but it happened to me too!

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