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E&E Spring Showers Jacket {Pattern Review & Discount Code}

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Today, I am so pleased to be sharing Ryder's "awesome jacket" (a name given by him).  I have had this jacket done for weeks, I have had to use all my restraint not to show you ahead of time. It was made using Heidi's from Elegance & Elephant's Spring Shower Jacket Pattern (Sizes 2-12). A double layer jacket for Ryder has been on my sewing to do list for a long time and I finally had the confidence to go for it with Heidi's awesome instructions.
This pattern isn't a quick sew but with Heidi's thorough instructions & clear pictures it was not a difficult sew. It was like having your friend hold your hand held through the process (If you have ever had a chance to sew one of her patterns before you know what I am talking about).
I love the little details that Heidi puts in her patterns & how she always gives a ton of options that lend themselves to a custom look. In this pattern there are options for a bill, pockets & drawstring. I opted to leave these out due to Ryder's personality (like sneaking rocks & sticks into the house) and the overall look I was going for.  I do have plans to sew the pattern again for his sister & add a few of these back in.
Jacket inside out.

My very favorite part about her patterns is they always look beautiful from the inside as well as the out. I really think this sets her apart as one of the great indie pattern designers of the day. She even included instructions on how to put a loop for cool is that? Clothing made with her patterns always hang well; making my kids happy & me happy with the results.

The sleeves are supposed to be long enough to fold over showing the lining but Ryder has mom & dad's gorilla length arms. If this is something you are looking for and your kid has crazy long arms you might want to measure from the shoulder cap to the wrist & compare it to the sleeve pattern piece. Usually I sew up a size 6 in most patterns but Ryder was a size 5 in this pattern so that might be the reason.
This jacket was all made from my stash. A couple years ago Walmart had 5 yrd bolts for $5, which is when I attained the outer navy fabric. I had just enough left for this project. The red & white star fabric came from Joann's 4th of July fabric section that I had bought for a project almost two years ago. It was just the right amount, perfect. The zipper I purchase for a sweatshirt repair for my husband that ended up being too long. Yeah, for stash busting!
When I cut down the top of zipper it frayed like crazy (a problem of the zipper not and Heidi's instructions) so I covered it with casing made out of lining fabric. The fabric is acting as a protectant to the fraying zipper, a tie to the lining fabric & a stop to the zipper pull; really a win, win, win. 
I love how long this jacket is in the back. We already have several camping trips planned for the late spring and I know that a rain jacket with a long back will be so nice for keeping him dry and both of us happy. Another functional detail that I love is the zipper shield. We have had commercial raincoats before for the kids that didn't have this that I wish they would have.

This pattern is great if for a jacket beginner like me or if you are looking for a unisex jacket with great customization. The pictures are clear & instructions give great results. On the pattern is pieces themselves she has the option to select a single size for printing, saving you precious ink. She uses both colors & strokes for each size so if you end up printing them all it will be easy to keep them straight.
We love this pattern! Right after I finished Ryder's I ran to the fabric store to make another for his sister. I hope you take the opportunity to purchase it & sew it up. We know you won't be disappointed!

Heidi is graciously offering a $1 off coupon code for the Spring Showers Jacket Pattern to Shaffer Sister readers. It is good through May 1st "TOUR" in the checkout.

And if you need a dozen more examples why you should take the leap and by this pattern head over to Heidi's site for the pattern tour. Here are some of our favorites (here, here, here, or here).
Elegance & Elephants
I love having designer friends like Heidi that I can trust each pattern to turn out awesome. Which designers do you trust to guide you through the toughest projects?

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  1. This is such a perfect jacket for Ryder! You really did a fantastic job, Scary! And thank you so much for the review and kind compliments. And I hope you have a blast on your camping trips. :)

  2. What a cool jacket. I'm a sucker for navy blue and stars so I'm pretty much in love with this jacket. Can you please send it to Germany when Ryder has outgrown it? Our J is just one, so there's some time till he will fit in the jacket, but then it'd be just so perfect ;)

  3. Well done! It looks professionally made, and those fabrics are perfect together. I can totally understand leaving the pockets off. ;-)

  4. This looks great! I was just telling my husband i want to make the kids windbreakers/ raincoats. Do you know what type of fabric that is?


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