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Happy Earth Day: 24 Up-cycled Children Clothing Projects That Anyone Can Do

Happy Earth Day All!
We thought we would share our most favorite up-cycled projects. I had always thought of up-cycling as a great way to save money but it wasn't until my friend, Jennifer from A Jennuine Life mentioned how great up-cycling was for good environment that I realized I wasn't just cheap and I loved that too that we weren't creating more waste just giving the fabric a second chance. Here are 24 projects that anyone could do and they should be great jumping off points for your own up-cycle projects.
$1 Dollar Little Black Dress (Clearance Castoff Women Shirt) - Upcycled Sharpie Tee (Thrift store T-shirt) - Zip Hangout Hoodie (Women's Hoodie from Clothing Exchange) -
Sweater, Fur Shrug
& 15 Minute fur boots (Women's sweater and fur coat from Clothing Exchange + Cousin Handme down) - Food coloring Dyed Plaid shirt and Sweater (Older Brothers shirt) - Pippa Peplum (Clearance castoffs)

Poppy Tunic (Thrift Store Womens Kimono) - Striped Peplum (Clearance Castoffs) - Sweatshirt Skirt (Vintage Closet find) Sweater & Betty Skirt (Thrift Store Sweater & Twin Sheet) - Ruffle T Dress (Outgrown Bodysuit) - Doman style top (Closet Find Women shirt)
Ananda Yoga Pants (Clearance Castoff Knit Sheet) - Racing Strip Pants (Men's Shirt) - Damask Mock wrap dress (Closet Find 2 Women's dresses)
Polka-dot & stripe boat neck dress (Closet Find Women's Dress) - Bold on a Budget Overalls (Closet Find Twin Sheet) - Newborn Fancy Pants (Closet Find Men's shirt)

Pillowcase Peasant dress (Thrift Store Pillowcase & Closet find Womens Shirt) - Surely Scarlet (queen white sheet & upcycled shirts) - Perpetually Prepared Tunic (Clothing Exchange Womens Shirt) - Sailor Suits & Skirts (Flat Sheet) - Painted Sweaters (Upcycled Clothing Find) - Footless Leggings (Upcycled Socks)


  1. I am thrilled that these are actual upcycles, not store bought tees sewed to a skirt! Not that that is bad, but your post is truly in keeping with Earth Day. Thanks!

  2. awesome! Most of my sews for my kids are all upcycles... it's amazing what you can do with an old shirt and an old pair of pants

  3. You know I am all about upcycling too. I remember all these projects. I realised I tend to do it more and more as time passes and I only am sad that it isn't as easy to refashion to the hubs because I want to start doing that too.


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