Friday, April 4, 2014

BIG Announcement: Sew-a-bration of Womanhood

The Make for Mom Series is going to be known from now until forever as "Sew-a-bration of Womanhood".
Last year we did the Make for Mom Series. It was such a fun way for us to connect with bloggers in a way we have never done before. We felt so accepted & astounded by the lineup we were able to get even though we were a tiny blog.

Make for Mom 2013 Highlights

The last year we have been able to interact & become very good friends with women from around the globe. It seems like the more we interact, the more we are inspired by you. I have had personal experiences where I have been personally moved to change for the better by the bloggers that I have met in person or interacted with over the internet.
It has made me think that I was not inspired by these women (so many of you that are reading this are included in this thought) because they were a Mom, but by the fact they they stand boldly for trying to encourage & inspire others.  Thinking about the last decade of my life I have realized the same is true in real life as in blogging relationships.
Some of my dearest friends to this day are my college roommates. Despite the fact that we didn't share common hobbies, these women were there to listen when I was bummed about bad test grade or a really terrible date. We are not quite as close as we were when we were all under one roof, but I know in an instant they would drop everything to help me & I would do the same for them because I love them.
My senior year of college, when Slim Jim and I were first married it seemed like many of the women that were in our church congregation were always very forward in asking me when we would start a family. I was not in too much of a hurry and was not ready to do morning sickness; all the while doing senior projects, internship & working. I felt like there was a large chasm between them and myself; one that could only be crossed by being a mother. Luckily, there were some amazing women that I was able to get to know even though I wasn't a mother & they were. Watching & interacting with them, helped me be less nervous about the future. Our friendships also help me feel secure in the role of wife.
When Ryder was a baby, I was the sole provider for our family as I worked full time from home at a web hosting company. Slim Jim had to take a multi-year break from employment for medical reasons & to attend school.  I had women in my church congregation again comment, this time remarking how it must be such a nice break from the children to be able to work. These women had no idea that I was nursing while typing up e-mails to customers & answering calls during Ryder's nap time hoping that he won't wake (or at least the customers wouldn't hear him when he did). It was crazy busy and most days I felt like I was going insane, the stress was so hard on me & I would sleep talk tech support.
The best part of that job was a dear friend, Amy, that I worked with. The two of us couldn't be much more different at first glance. Even life experiences, social & religious beliefs would generally put us on different ends of the spectrum. That said for all of our differences there was more alike between the two of us then most people I have ever met or interacted with. I don't know what Slim Jim & I would have done as we worked through all the stress & emotions that often accompany mental illness if it wasn't for her. Every day she was there for me to talk to and when I was ready for it she would often offer up little pieces of advice with no emotional strings attached. For Slim Jim she purchased, gifted & never ask another word, The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook; which gave him the cognitive skills to move forward in his treatment.
All of these women, you & so many others; is the reason that with after much pondering and contemplation we are changing the "Make for Mom" to "Sew-a-bration of Womanhood: embracing our common threads".
We really feel like there is more ways that we are alike whether or not we are mothers, wives or just the coolest woman that you will ever know. It shouldn't matter whether we work outside/inside the home or if we are stay home moms. Let us pull out the white flags of truce from the "Women Wars". Let us stand together, look to each other & try to build one another. Let us truly embrace our common threads this May as we have the best Sew-a-bration of Womanhood yet!
Soon we will be sharing the list of participants this year but also have some exciting announcements coming as well. So pull out your sewing machine & that fabric that you have been stashing to make yourself a ______(dress, shirt, pants, skirt, scarf, purse, etc.)_______ and get it done, then come back in May and share it with us. I promise you will be so glad that you did.


  1. Best post EVER, Scary! You rock, seriously!!!

  2. Love the new title....I am woman, hear me ROAR!! :)

  3. Yes, love the new name, LOVE!

  4. Great post! Looking forward to it :) -Rachel

  5. I love the encouragement - looking forward to may and women sewing!

  6. Great idea to make the change. I'm super happy and proud being a momma, but you can be amazing at whatever you choose to do in your life- not just being a mom! Can't wait to be a part of this new series. <3

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! SO happy to be involved again in year two!

  8. Great idea!! Love when women unite together!!

  9. What a fabulous idea! I love this.

  10. Got it linked up here! Excited to participate.


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