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{SOLEIL Dress Pattern Review & Discount Code} April Showers Bring May Flowers

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I'm so excited to share my newest favorite in Ty's wardrobe. Last week I had the opportunity to pattern test the SOLEIL dress (12 months through 12 years with open and closed back options) by Lauren at Selvage Designs and the finished product was a masterpiece.
I had purchased 3 yards of a solid lightweight coral knit a couple months of ago to make a dress for myself. When I saw the pattern I would be testing, I knew this fabric would be perfect for spring and summer. Since Ty's still little, sharing a some fabric with her means there will still be enough for me.
Although the color is great, it seemed like the fabric needed something to take it from a decent solid to a fun print. I know I've referenced Vera Luna's discharge paste projects multiple times but, I probably wont stop any time soon because it's kept me amazed for over a year. She is my FAVORITE about creating cool prints on fabrics using simple and unique techniques. I'm sure if we weren't so geographically separate we would have a lot of fun creating together and be really good friends.
Anyway, discharge paste can be super cool when you find the right fabric to combine with it. Sometimes the effect isn't as cool as you would hope, but this time it turned out amazing (I tested it on a scrap of fabric before moving forward). I decided to do a bit of color blocking with my created print fabric and the original solid fabric to give more dimension.
I used a styrofoam marshmallow from a Joann's as my stamp and dumped some discharge paste on a paper plate. The process was just a matter of somewhat randomly applying the polka-dots to the fabric. It was fast, easy, and a lot of fun. I wanted the fabric to give the distressed, commercial look. After it dried, it was just a matter of steam ironing, washing it again (to get the fishy smell out), and sewing it all together.
I love the final result! Lauren's pattern was fun to work with as well. I was a little nervous about sewing with ribbing because that's something I've never done before, but it made it all come together easily. I think her pattern is exceptionally well written and easy to follow. I also love the simple lines and modest design of the dress (high arm holes, good coverage in the neckline).
I am a major fan of the opening in the back, although Ty's three and a half year old tantrum stage is not a fan of a hole in the back. I keep telling her that it will get hot soon and then she will be happy for the hole, but the cold rainy/snowy spring causes her to doubt my words.
It was very easy to modify this pattern to fit my tall skinny little girl. There was enough information on the sizing chart to get the fit perfect the first time. I made a 4 width with a 5 length. I only cut the 5 length on the skirt because it didn't make a big difference on the bodice to change the length and I didn't want to make the neckline too low. I'm seriously tempted to make a pile of these fun dresses to get us through the hot summer. Plus I won't have to worry about coordinating entire outfits with a new baby. Yep, I'll definitely be making more!

This pattern is the perfect if you are new with knits and are trying to gain confidence, the ribbing makes the neck, arm & cutout fool proof. It is also great if you are experienced in knit and are looking for a unique & playful summer dress. The diagrams and instructions on this pattern are so professional & easy to follow. Her finished garment chart in the tutorial part of the pattern gives you necessary information for adjusting fit. Not only does she have normal width and length measurements but back waist length & arm hole depth. On most patterns this information could only be acquired by measuring yourself & subtracting seam allowances. It is things like this that really show the deep attention to detail that Lauren has shown while creating this pattern.

Another great feature on this pattern is pieces themselves she has the option to select a single size for printing, saving you precious ink. She uses both colors & strokes for each size so if you end up printing them all it will be easy to keep them straight.

We give this pattern 2 thumbs way up and hope you take the opportunity to purchase it & sew it up. We know you won't be disappointed!

Lauren is graciously offering a $2 off coupon code for the Soleil Dress to Shaffer Sister readers. It is good through Sunday, April 13 at 11:59pm MST just type "soleilrelease2" in the checkout.


  1. Love what you did with the fabric! I'm dying over this pattern too. It's soooo cute!!

  2. Fabulous dress and post! And gorgeous girl! Thank you!

  3. I didn't know you could stamp fabric like that! And Ty is so stinking cute with her curly hair all over!

  4. WOW! I love that you made the dots on the fabric! Brilliant and beautiful!
    What a lovely pattern design too. Your little one looks adorable.

  5. That is darling! I love the color of the fabric with the big dots... I need to try discharge paste! =)
    Ty is such a gorgeous little girl! I love the photos. =)

  6. wow, love the dress, love the dots, love it all! Headed over to buy the pattern! I linked up a fun DIY striped fabric to PR & P this week. so many fun ideas!! Emily

  7. It turned out so cute! I love the color and the fit looks perfect!

  8. So funny she didn't like the hole in the back. I always think kids will enjoy the little details because they are wearing something out of the ordinary... well, I'm wrong it seams. The dress looks amazing, and I love how you printed it. =D

  9. Such a cute dress!! Love the stamped polka dots. The color really is great for summer and looks great on your little gal!


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