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Beautiful Summer Dress by I'm Feelin' Crafty

Name: Louise 
Blog Name: I'm Feelin' Crafty 
General Age: Almost 40, but we don't need to go into details, right??? 
Body Type : Honestly, I don't know! Being a plus size, I've tried to avoid the whole idea of body shape. So I'll just go with plus! 
What has been the biggest challenge with this project? And how did you over come it. My biggest challenge is taking the time for myself. I guess in a way all my sewing and blogging and photography is taking time for myself in that it's all doing things I love. But I rarely make anything for me. Mostly because those darn mirrors.... For 2 years now I've been saying that I am going to take more time and sew for myself. And I haven't done it. That is until I was asked to participate in this event! And how did I overcome it? I just did it! I had a deadline for someone else, and I just did it! Stop and do it!
Please come take a look at my outfit and more about the making it!

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