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DIY Lanyard Holder by Fishsticks Designs

Name: Bonnie
Blog Name: Well, it's the Fishsticks Designs blog, but I've been playing around with changing up the name for the blog itself.  Change is hard, though! I'm really liking Sew Fishsticks, and that's what the current banner says.  If I give up my wishy-washiness, I'll probably make that an official change sometime this month.
Age: I'm just young enough to be Momma to a 4-year-old and just old enough to be GiGi to an almost 3-year-old.
Body Type: I'm a pear-shaped gal.
This is such a busy time of year for me. Quilt Market, the fabric and sewing industry's wholesale trade show, is coming up the end of next week, and I have my hands full finishing up new patterns and sewing samples for my booth. I had to pick a project that was quick, and since I'm all about practicality, a handmade lanyard for my name tag seemed like just the right thing. Come on over to my blog to see how I made it using my ever-growing stash of selvages.


  1. You're one awesome mama, Bonnie!

  2. Nice work.
    You must have a great imagination to create beautiful lanyard.


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