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Floral Dress by Keep Calm and Carrion

Name: Alyssa Carrion
Blog Name: Keep Calm and Carrion
General Age: Some days I feel like twice my 31 years!
Body Type: Well, even pre-kids I had hips and a tush, so add two kids onto those hips and yea....
What has been the biggest challenge with this project? And how did you over come it. I don't do a lot of sewing for myself. And I initially had ideas to sew for my mother or my sister-in-law. In case you are wondering, communicating with family/friends across the country to get input on sewing something for them, is a pain. So by the time I had all the info I needed to make what I wanted, there wasn't going to be time to get things to them and modeled... So I am making them to take home with me to visit next month. But that meant it was time to sew for me... and that started a whole new spiral of flipping through patterns! I found a tester call with something I loved, and I found a great opportunity to upcycle a couple things to fit me better and I am super excited to show them off! Come over to Keep Calm and Carrion to find out more.

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