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High Low Tank by Winter Wonderings, Wanderings, & Whatnot

Name:  Suzanne Winter
Blog Name: Winter Wonderings, Wanderings, & Whatnot
       *You can also find me over at Pattern Revolution
Age: 32
Body Shape: Curvy... I used to be a hourglass, and then I had three babies over the span of 2 years. So now I am more of a rectangle, or a pear with wide shoulders.  Hopefully I can whittle away this middle a bit this summer and reclaim a waist! *of course this condition has NOTHING to do with my love of food......*

My Advice:  Jump in with an 'I can do it' attitude and as little investment as possible!  I am an upcycler (bed sheets, curtains, and men's clothing upcycle well for women's clothing), an avid Walmart $1 fabric buyer, and a shopper of sales (Joann's 50% off Red Tag plus % off your total purchase coupon is how I buy most fabric).  If you don't have a machine - try to borrow one first.  You'd be surprised how many women have a sewing machine sitting in their closet unused.  There are plenty of free patterns available on the internet to start off as well as tutorials.  Youtube is your friend and has a video for just about everything you could ever want to learn ;o)  My biggest advice is HAVE FUN.  It isn't worth your time if you aren't having fun - that doesn't mean there wont be learning times, or times where you spend an hour ripping out seams... but it should still be fun overall!

Come see my fun High Low Tank....

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