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Knit Midi Skirt Tutorial & The Reasons Why I don't wear Maxi Skirts

Oops I goofed again! I was so excited for Jenn to be joining us today that I published it one day early, she will be joining us tomorrow instead. Bonus for you, is that last night I took the time to finish my Knit Midi Skirt Tutorial after the kids went to bed last night.
You know that whole Maxi Skirt trend? I don't prescribe to that trend for a few reasons.
1. I am very tall, my legs make up most of that height. When I sit I am about the height of a 5'6" person and then when I stand up I am really just short of 6'. I feel like Maxi's just make me look more disproportional.

Sadly that didn't stop me from trying the trend out because they look super cozy and I love comfort.

2. I few years ago I found some great knit for a few dollars at a thrift store and I knew I would try making one. Every time I wore it I would be doing my dishes and my young children would come by want something and tug at my skirt, because of my body shape the yoga band was not tight enough to keep it on, so every time I would be catching the skirt before it hit the ground.

I decided my young children and I were not a good match for the trend. So I was ecstatic when midi skirts came into trend. Midi is probably my favorite length because it covers my 4 inch scar down my left knee.

My starting point for this skirt was Simple Simon's Easy Striped Maxi Skirt Tutorial, which is a great tutorial if you are into the maxi yoga waistband.

I kept some of the information but it is enough different that I decided give you a tutorial on how to make your own Midi Knit Skirt (here is the PDF version). The advantage of this skirt with young children is they won't be able to pull your skirt off with one tug.

Here is your cut chart: 
1. Putting the Skirt pieces together

2. Making the Waistband
3. Attaching the Waistband to the Skirt
 4. Putting the elastic in the waistband casing
5-6. Finishing the Waistband & Hemming
My favorite thing about my new skirt is how they look with my favorite Summer shoes.

Let the summer begin!


  1. Love your skirt! PS you look happy & gorgeous:)

  2. I do understand the frustration with skirts being pulled down by little children! I always wear skirts (or dresses) that are mid-calf or longer, so I wear fitted waistbands, and since my legs are also pretty long compared to the rest of my body, I wear skirts on my hips to compensate, and wear longer, un-tucked shirts. My issue with all of the knit maxi skirts is that they are too tight on my hips and behind.
    Your skirt is cute! I love the comfortable knit with the denim.

  3. I love the length and I'm a fan of stripes. And those shoes are just adorable!! Thanks for the tutorial, Scary!


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