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Parisian Top by A Jennuine Life

Name - Jenn
Blog Name - A Jennuine Life
General Age Turning 40 next month
Body Type formerly athletic.  Now, not so much...

The biggest challenge with this project was reducing the bulk in the sleeves.  Since I am broad-shouldered, gathered sleeve caps don't flatter me.  I tried reducing the width of the sleeve, but needed to also drop the curve of the armscye to get the look I wanted.  I solved it by ripping out just the head of each sleeve and then making an inverted box pleat on each sleeve cap.  It ended up with a look I really like and took the bulk out like I wanted.
Additionally, the photo shoot was interesting.  The first shoot didn't go so well due to communication issues with my husband, so I had my five year old daughter Arden take some new ones.  It was drizzling and my hair was all pouffy, but we had a good time!  I normally edit my photos to help my appearance some, but I did not edit these other than for exposure and cropping.  Not even to give myself some eyebrows - Ha!

Come over see to her blog today to see her Parisian Top

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