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Simple Stretch Denim Dress by Simple Simon & Company

Name:  liZ
Blog Name:  Simple Simon and Company (Project Run & Play and Project Sewn)
Age:  Young enough to wear skinny jeans but old enough to remember when they were cool the first time around...back in the day....
Body Type:  I'm basically built like a 14 year old boy...straight up and down with no curves :(
If you could give advice to someone thinking about sewing for themselves what would it be? 
Buy inexpensive patterns from the thrift store (they are always less than $1) and make your first item from thrift store (or other inexpensive) fabric as well....that is how I learned (and keep learning) how to sew.  Don't risk a more expensive pattern or fabric until you are a little more confident....that way you won't feel as badly if you make a mistake (and you will...and that's ok...everyone does even if they don't want to admit it).  Then if your item turns out wonderfully perfect!  Buy that delicious fabric you've been eyeing and sew your item back up in a fabric you love.   But if not look at where things went wrong and try again...with more inexpensive fabric.  There is no shame in readjusting, learning from mistakes, and trying again.  I do it ALL THE TIME.  
Head over to Simple Simon today to see liZ's denim dress

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  1. Thanks for inviting us over today! Such a great series!!!


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