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Bohemian Baby Doll made with the Threads of her Foremothers {Pattern Review}

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A couple of weeks ago Heidi asked us to join in her Bohemian Baby Doll Pattern Tour, there was no question in my mind whether I would say yes. The only choice I really had to make was when to post. I chose the 10th specifically because today is my 28th Birthday. I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than by make it special by making something special for Boston.

Having a daughter has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever received & I thought sewing something special way to show that. Raising her has pushed me in the most intimate ways to reflect on the legacy I will leave her & to change the way I look at myself. When I see her I see her beauty, intelligence, silliness, kindness, and confidence. I hope & strive that I can teach her divine nature and innate abilities.
Let me tell you a little about this pattern. I love the stunning silhouettes this pattern his from the subtle high low on the skirt to the rounded bodice. The slightly square neck makes it easy to slip on and off even the busiest little girl, and you don't have to do a closure. The hem facing makes for an interesting handcrafted detail, something I hope to play with this fun detail more in the future. 

This is the first pattern from E&E to go down to size 6 months and up to size 9 (which means if you have a baby girl you no longer have to wait until your little girl is 12 Months have her look Heidi fabulous)! The pattern has a dress or tunic option. I was honestly tempted to make her the tunic but I decided on the dress because I knew that eventually it would be too short to be called a dress and then it would be a tunic.  It has a flutter sleeve or sleeveless option. I have always been a flutter sleeve lover.

This pattern is a quick sew with a fairly simple construction. A beginner would feel very comfortable with this pattern.

The only real problem I had was with the arm holes. Heidi directs you to do a basting stitch around the armholes, clip to stitch, press then close with top stitch.  I prefer the method of sandwiching the sleeve and stitching, pressing, clipping, and top-stitching. I am sure that Heidi's method is probably the more correct technique I find that my unsteady hands have better luck with the sandwich method so in the future I will be make that adaption.

The pattern has very clear & concise directions. The pictures show each step clearly, which is perfect for the visual sewist.

The pattern has the select a size to print option, which is great for saving on ink. The pattern pieces are nested if you need to blend between sizes (in which case you would just select the two sizes you need to print).

The bodice of the dress was made from some vintage cotton scraps that were given to me by my maternal grandmother. She has been de-cluttering lately & she gave me a box of fabrics. Some large scraps and others quite small like this. I instantly fell in love with the fabric but worried that there wasn't going to be enough for any project. The first scrap was small & the other just slightly larger. I was so disappointed. Then I remembered the Bohemian Babydoll pattern pieces I had cut out just the day before were about that size. Sure enough they were right on the dot just the right size. 1 cm shorter on either piece and I wouldn't have been able to use it.
The sleeves & hem band are made from lace from my Mother-in-Law's wedding dress. My MIL gave me the dress last summer to use for refashioning. The dress was from her first marriage, which was cut short by ill decisions made by her husband. Through that union all four of her children were conceived. When she gave me the dress she told me about being 20 and picking out the dress from ZCMI. How beautiful she felt on her wedding day. I knew right there and then I didn't want to use it for just anything, I wanted it to be special. So here it is making its first debut, there is tons of fabric still to work with.
In order to use the scallop on the hem of the lace, I did not line the sleeves as directed in the pattern. I love what a sweet summery look this gives. I also used a strip of lace for the hem facing as well, this keeps the skirt light and flowy.
Sewing this dress my mind got caught up in the spiritual. I thought about how lucky I was to have helpers all around, in raising my kids.  I know that I am not alone. She will also look to those around her how to hold her head up high & reach for the stars. I am thankful that just like this little dress that I am not the only one contributing as an example. She will be further encouraged by all the women and men who love her. She has her Great Grandma's, resourcefulness, standard of absolute perfectionism and the warm gentle support she gives to her inner circle. I see her devote determination, her wiliness to make the best out of a tricky situation and her silly sense of humor. These little qualities and dozens more remind me of her paternal Grandmother.
I know this against the usual rules of Birthdays but I am going to do it anyway. I am ignore the so called  birthday wish superstitions, because I think they are untrue. I hope that one day she will grow up will all of the confidence that she now possesses and know that we all tried our best.

Dress pattern: Bohemian Baby Doll by Elegance and Elephants
Shoes pattern: Natty Shoes by delia creates

PS. Don't forget to head over to Elegance and Elephants to see all the other Baby dolls on the pattern tour, they all have been stunning & so unique.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. I love it the fabric, I felt fortunate to have it though I wish I would have had like 5 more yards of it.

  2. Happy birthday! What a beautiful post and dress and pictures. Love the bodice fabric.

  3. Happy birthday. Love the dress and that first pic is incredible. So, so beautiful!

    1. Thank you. I felt incredibly lucky to snapped it, it was the my favorite one from the last six months. It is hard when you love one sooo much to find a few others that even close to measure up.

  4. Happy Birthday! Everything is so lovely...the dress, your gorgeous daughter, and the photos! I love the lace sleeves!

  5. Happy birthday, you young thing!! Great tribute and story to your daughter and her special garment created just for her!

  6. Happy Birthday! I LOVE that dress so much. You did an amazing job and captured it beautifully in these photos.

  7. Such a gorgeous and breezy dress :) Love the sleeves!

  8. What a beautiful post (and dress) and how great it is to be able to create such special things :)

  9. Happy birthday! (a day late). She is such a cute and determined little girl! I love the fabrics you used, and what a lovely post! =)

  10. Boston is a beautiful little girl. And this dress is something I would love to sew for my daughter! I love your fabric choice, and the lace sleeves are something unique. I really love it!!

  11. Happy Birthday! What a beautiful post. You found a wonderful place to incorporate your Mother-in-laws dress!

  12. I'm too late to wish a happy birthday?! but not late enough to tell you how much I love this dress. So so beautiful.


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