Friday, June 6, 2014

Emaline by See Kate Sew {Pattern Review}

Several weeks ago Kate from See Kate Sew released her Garden Party Spring/Summer '14 Collection. It is amazing! I can't believe she was able to come up with so many different designs. I was able to test for this pattern, I was really hoping to share my review when the patterns were released like usual but.....I don't know how I can say this without sounding like my mom so I am going to embrace it. Wow, the two  months have been a crazy, busy, awesome, surprising ride! It has been full of lots of fun adventures, but I am here! I have survived thrived and I am happy to report my head is fully above water (mostly due to a supportive hubby, awesome mom/sisters, & cool kids). 

You may know we are See Kate Sew fans (click for the reviews of the Penelope Peplum, Pippa Peplum, City Girl Tunic) and the Emaline might be my very favorite out of all of them. I have a gut and sometimes I feel bloated but in the Emaline it doesn't really matter. It has band at the natural waist for a more flattering fit and then all the extra is hidden beneath the pleats. Oh and it has pockets! Yes, I said POCKETS!
The pattern calls for a sturdy knit. For you fabric suggestion rebels, I would without a doubt listen to this suggestion. I think this is especially necessary for the dress, the skirt has so much volume on the bottom then even with a sturdy knit you are in danger of having the wind blow it up. I couldn't imagine the problems you would have with something light weight.
Graphic From See Kate Sew Pattern Shop
I will be honest I really struggled with the box pleats, my mom came down a day earlier to helped me figure it out so I could make the deadline for testing. There was an error in the markings on the pattern that has been corrected post testing, so you will be able to work it easily without calling, "Mommy!"

I opted to reverse the pleats from the way that the pattern calls for so that it would be going in, near the middle and not out. I think if you are a sewing one of the larger sizes you might want to do the same.
I increased the length on the skirt by 2" for my height (mind you I am almost 6') but I did only a 1/2" hem allowance instead of the 2" hem directed by the pattern. It is right smack on knee length. So if you are taller, just make sure you add extra length.
This is with the bow as stitched as instructed
The Emaline has a super cute bow on the front, that you add on the very end. Slim Jim had already seen me in the dress when I was deciding on hem allowance and his eyes lit up (just the way that any wife wants their husband to look at them after a full day sewing marathon). After I attached the bow to the front, his face dropped. I asked him what the matter was, he told me the bow looked a little silly and he thought that the dress looked better without it. I was a little mad because I wanted to have a fun dress with a cute bow on the front. I was going to keep it on just to show him and be contrary to his opinion (I'm stubborn). Then I objectively looked in the mirror and decided he was right, it wasn't me.
Though I love Kate's style and how feminine/urban/bold she is I am not quite that person. I am a little more casual and basic. The wonderful thing is if you don't want to do the bow, it is all the same just saving you some steps on attaching it at the end.
I don't know if it was the fabric that I used for the bow, the fact that my dress fabric was so bright or just the fact that I love basics dressed up. So I removed the bow. Then made it into a clip that I could wear when I was in the mood. The pictures for this photo shoot where with the bow as a clip instead of being sewn on. I can't wait to dress with cardigan's, cowls, scarfs, statement necklaces & I have already rocked it several times to church just plain.
This is my new go to dress! And I hope to make some more Emaline dresses when life slows down a bit. It is so fun adding new things to my wardrobe, thank you all for your encouragement it has really pushed me to keep finding my style.
Tomorrow we will be doing a full wrap of the Sew-a-bration & announce winners to our giveaway!

PS. We have tons of exciting stuff coming this month, that we are beyond excited about! We are busy, busy, BUSY working on some really cool stuff.


  1. This is really cute on you! I agree, it looks better without the bow in this version. Maybe it would help if the bow was made of the dress fabric or a more subtle contrast. I appreciate all the details about how it sewed up! =)

  2. I like it without the bow too. You look adorable in this dress!

  3. I love it! I'm looking for comfy knit dresses with no adjustments needed. I'm gonna try this one soon. You look great!

  4. That color looks so great on you! Its perfect for summer, and I love the dress! I love how you changed it to be something you would weat! Great job!

  5. Great dress!! That color is amazing on you!

  6. Oh my goodness such a perfect dress! I agree about the bow.

  7. Oh my goodness such a perfect dress! I agree about the bow.

  8. I just love this color on you and how fun that you made the bow removable! I'm with you where I like things basic and then like to add different accessories.

  9. this colour really looks good on you, and the fit of that dress looks great. =D

  10. I like it without the bow, too. Love the colour. The dress looks great on!


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