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Embroidering Your Pants Pocket With a Custom Design & Ladies Bundle Up Sale

I just adore the ladies over at Pattern Revolution so I was excited when they finally gave into my pleadings and asked me to join in the fun of participating in Ladies Bundle Up Sale Blog Tour. When I found out the Skinny Jeans from Jocole Patterns I rushed at the chance sew them up. I have been eyeing them ever since seeing Becca's, as part of her nature inspired look (which we were judges for). And jeans have been on my sewing bucket list for too long! I knew that yoga band skinny jeans were a good place to start.
I instantly fell in love with the Hip Hop Tank & Top from Love Notions Patterns (to be honest I didn't know what the name of it was but I emailed Robin immediately to find out the name). I love how the two patterns work together & without a doubt the two patterns if I could pick something off the rack it would be something just like this, but being almost 6' 
Before I go into the details of how I customized the skinny pants pattern (which might be helpful if you have a long back rise aka a long butt like me), I want to tell you about the shirt.

I have been saving this fabric for over 6 months because it is my VERY FAVORITE color and it is nearly impossible to find this color. When I did I purchased ever last bit of it, which was only 3 yards. I am so glad that I decided to use a portion of it on this top. It is perfect! I was right on the edge of the Large/XL and per Tami's direction I went for the Large and I am glad that I did.

This pattern has a lot of great options in it. For sleeve lengths it has 3: tank, sleeveless & cap sleeve options & it has 4 different back options: basic, tulip, button placket, and color blocked. One of my favorite things about this pattern is the neckband. The installation is different than others that I have done in the past and seems to be more forgiving than the usual ribbing neckband. Since this color is unique I knew I wouldn't be able to find ribbing the right color but with Tami's instructions I was easily able to use the same fabric.  
A part of the pattern that I am looking forward to using in the future is the button placket, the instructions have instructions on how to create it from scratch along with how to refashion a button up shirt! I really want to go to the thrift store some day and find a button up I can't live without and do the bottom placket option. This pattern really is really a quick sew & oh so comfortable!

I appreciate the modesty that is built into this pattern, with how the neckband is done it seems to stay tight to the skin even when I needed to bend down and pick up two kids from the playground.When you build your bundle, let this one be a contender for Bundling Up. You won't regret it!

For all the speed that the Hip Hop Top was I knew that the Skinny Jeans would be another matter all together. I think going into it with that mind set helped me keep working until it was perfect. I was a little thrown off my intial goal for project completion. But I am so glad that I took the time to get it right and make them mine! I think that the Skinny Pants are a great beginning pants pattern but you must start with the mindset that you might have to customize to get it right. I sewed the size 22W out of stretch denim and I spent 2 days just getting the sizing right.
I have a high rise (the measurement from my waistband) the exact amount was 2 3/8". I found it by measuring from my crotch up to my waistband while wearing my favorite pair of yoga pants. My front rise on the other end was absolutely perfect. That meant while the front & sides would be perfect to sew while the back would be too short and when I sat I would suffer from plummers crack.

I solved this by cutting the back lengthen/shorten line and reposition it to match the illustration above. This did make it so that I had to smooth out the outer area. Once the pants were assembled I put back darts to suck it in at the waist, I determined the right amount by putting them on pinning, sewing & readjusting. At the top of the pants tapering down I took in 1" from each side seam to get a better fit.
I had Al take a picture so you could see the darts and the pocket placement, but I was a little embarrassed to be standing in a busy park with my shirt hiked up with her shooting pictures of my butt so I actually turned around to ask her if she was done and that is why it looks twisted at the top.
Another fit adjustment I made was to move my pockets around from where the pattern stated I used my favorite commercially produced jeans as a guide. I positioned the inside top corner of my pockets 5 1/2" below the bottom of the waistband & 2 1/2" from the center mark. The outside top corner I positioned at 5 inches below the waistband.
I also added 5 inches to the inseam because I am almost 6' instead of the 5'5" average that the pattern is designed for. I made my inseam longer than it needed to be because I am such a sucker for a wide hem on a pair of jeans, a wider hem reminds me of dress pants. I think it is probably because it feels luxurious to the girl who almost always suffers from high waters. The hem allowance on my pants is 2 1/2" inches (vs the 5/8" on the pattern). 

My favorite detail that I put into these jeans was the custom embroidery. I sliced part of our logo and resized it fit perfectly on pockets. Used a chain stitch with 2 strand embroidery floss. I also used the embriodery floss to add the stablizing X's to the back pockets, bar tack (satin stitch) on the front pocket & a faux placket.
I initially printed off the design then I traced it on to Water soluble stabilizer. Using an embroidery hoop and some scotch tape I positioned them accordingly on the pocket using the outer part of the design as a guide so that they would both positioned perfectly even. Many of the tutorial I have read said to used sharpie marker for tracing because it is supposed to go with the stabilizer. I did not find this to be true because I used red sharpie and my stitching has a slight red to it. In the future I will transfer my image onto the stabilizer using a fabric marker instead of the sharpie. 
This is about 1/2 through the first pocket.

I am so glad to be able to participate in this tour. And from that I was able to make two wonderful pieces that are sure to be staples long after this summer is done. I am already planning a different take on a the outfit. When I told my husband I wanted to make another pair of jeans he asked me how much they cost to make, I told him a bunch of time but I only spent 20 dollars (19 on stretch denim, 33 cents on embroidery floss & probably about 66 in knit scraps from other projects) & he was shocked.
In the past I have really struggled with wearing jeans and other pants with a firmer waistband because most of them ride right on my C-section scar which is really sensitive (better now than it was 2 years ago but still more sensitive than it used to be). I love the yoga pant waistband because it would work for all the mommy stages; pregnancy, post baby & chasing kids around. The only thing I will say about this is that I did the narrowest band and I took mine in a bit. Even though I did I still had a little problem keeping them in the right spot so I would suggest if you are doing the 2" waistband you might think about adding in waistband elastic for extra support & ump for keeping your pants up.

I might be addicted to making things for myself. Even though our house was a disaster as a result of a mommy sewing marathon, I felt like a million bucks in this outfit. Feeling like a million bucks > than doing dishes. Run over to Pattern Revolution to snatch up these patterns and so many more. Sale runs through the 27th so hurry over there before the sale is gone. You shouldn't wait until the last day to purchase because they have sweetened the deal by Hosting a Sewing Bee with a great giveaway!
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  1. Thanks so much for posting about your sewing adventures and your lovely outcome. I am blessed with a tall body frame similar to yours and have been going back-and-forth all week about how these patterns would look on me. You look great! I think I will give it a go and buy the patterns as an early birthday gift for myself!

  2. You did awesome! We were bewitched by Becca's Nature Inspired outfit, too! We've been waffling on the Bundle UP Sale, and you're not helping! Or maybe you are!!!

  3. I love these - the pockets are AMAZING!!!! Thanks for joining on the Bundle UP! tour ;o)

  4. Gorgeous pictures of you SarahLynn! I'm really going to have to get those jeans pattern!

  5. Lovely outfit! Your pants are AMAZING! They fit you so well and those hand details are awesome!

  6. Firstly, you look amazing! You are rockin' those skinny jeans, lady!
    What a fabulous job you did with both pieces!
    I can't stop using the exclamation point!

  7. I love the knit you used for your top... that is a lovely color, and definitely not easy to find. And on the jeans...those pockets are gorgeous! It almost makes me wish I wore jeans just so I could copy your pockets. ;-)
    Also, I love this quote, "Feeling like a million bucks > than doing dishes."

  8. Scary, you look amazing! The color of the shirt is just gorgeous and those pants are so flattering. And that embroidery is fun. Great outfit!!

  9. Scary!
    Girl, you look amazing! Awesome, awesome job!!!
    You guys have inspired me to continue carving out time to sew for myself. Thank you! Thank you!

  10. Wait, what?!! Girl, look at that butt. I need that pattern! I'm putting it in the someday pile for now- because doubtless I'd have to do some customization too. But at least I'm inspired now- pants for me have just never made the list (with my long butt issues.) ha! You look great hon.

  11. That is so clever with the embroidery, I love it! The pants (and top) look awesome.

  12. I love those pockets! pretty blue top and those jeans are so flattering! you look amazing.


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