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Mimi Tunic from Filles à Maman {Pattern Review, Discount Code & Giveaway}

You know those patterns that you know both you and your kid will love from the start? You know the ones; the design is so unique that no matter what fabric you grab from your stash you know it will be amazing.
I knew that the Mimi was one of those amazing phantom patterns that no matter what fabric(s) I used we would both love it, so I pulled out my full knit stash and let her choose. She chose the bright flower fabric that I was given to by one of my great sewing friends, Linda. It was something she had purchased for her girls years ago but they have since grown up and the fabric was never used (isn't it nice when things come back into fashion). The pink is from an upcycled tee from Walmart ($1 dollar tee).

Looking at the pattern I was a little worried that it would take me a while, but I was pleasantly surprised by what a quick sew it was. The instructions and pictures are detailed and clear enough that you really could sew through it in a nap time.
I love all the options that are included in the pattern, it makes it so versatile. I really want to make more because it is such a cool comfortable style on a hot day. Al & I were talking about how the shirt with fringe would work really well for Pocahontas dress.
The only adaptions I made to the pattern were: to use elastic at the neck instead of knit & to hand stitch down the neck facing. Neither knits I used had great recovery and I didn't want the opening getting saggy and showing her chest. I did pull the elastic a bit tight so it makes for less of a keyhole and more of an asymmetrical slit. I decided to hand sew the facing because I didn't want to interrupt the pattern on the fabric near her face.
There are little things in this pattern that make for great results, like under stitching the neck facing makes for such a clean neckline & the hem facing makes it easy to hem even on the most difficult fabrics (both of the fabrics I used were very finicky so that was really appreciated.
Now until the 20th you can get the Mimi pattern for 20% off by using MIMITOUR20 code. You also can put in to win 1 of 5 patterns offered. She will refund the purchase if the winner has already purchased the pattern.
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If you still need a moment to decide head over to the Filles a Maman Blog and see all the other cute Mimi's that have been sewn by the testers and other blog tour participants. Boston is going to head to the park in her new favorite shirt.

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  1. Awesome! Just a little precision, it's 1 bundle of 5 patterns of choice! Thank you Scary! xxx


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