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Secret Squirrel: Stop 11 - Nap-time Creations to Shaffer Sisters

The Secret Squirrel series is a year-long sewing journey created by An from Straight-grain and Suz from sewpony.  Read all about it here. Secret Squirrel contacted me via Emily from Nap-time Creations and gave me these five acorns of inspiration....
I pretty much stink at keeping secrets. I usually blab them in like 30 minutes of being told them, especially when it is an exciting, fun secret. Those are the hardest to keep. That said today, I am finally able to tell you the secret. The secret of the squirrel!

I tried to hit all 5 acorns in one outfit, didn't realize until I was getting ready to choose the acorns for the next participant that I only had to do 3 out of the 5. Oh Well, I am better for the challenge of trying to hit all 5. I might or might not have been crazy frustrated with how to make it all work in a cohesive look. When I completed the last piece I knew I was done and that I wouldn't change a thing about it. 
My inspiration for this look was the Fusion of Traditional Chinese with Western Culture and how that is often reflected in Hong Kong Street Fashion. I have never been to Hong Kong and the only thing I new about it before this came from my Political Science days when I learned about the political problems that have come about from the 100 colonization by Great Britain until it became a part of the People's Republic of China. As I was looking through pictures of Hong Kong architecture, fashion, etc. I could see this fusion of these too opposing cultures time and time again. But each intertwinement was flawlessly executed to make something completely unique.

The Pieces
Modified Version of
Skirt Pattern: Girl's Skirt Pattern No. 1 from EM Patterns
A covered button I made and put on the fedora to nod back to the poppy's on the skirt
Hong Kong Tee that (is already digitized, just waiting on tutorial) I will be releasing as a free pattern for Size 2T.
Using Discharge Paste and freezer paper I stenciled the Chinese characters for Hope.   
Clutch purse made by screwing up and then having to fix it by modifying sample bow pouch from See Kate Sew. I chose
this tutorial so it would have a similar scale to a women's
My first set of Natty Janes from Delia Creates.
I love this pattern so much I can't wait to tell you more about it. 
That was the hardest acorn to hit was the woven. I had really wanted to make all the pieces out of woven but the ideas that I had kept falling short. From the suggestions of my sisters, I decided a woven skirt, covered button and clutch would meet the woven acorn.

Hope is found in this outfirt from the green (a color that means hope in western culture) that the clutch is made out of. Along with the Chinese writing that says Hope on the shirt using discharge paste.
The Zig Zag can be found in the woven Chevron fabric that the clutch is made from. This was a little less pronounced than other acorns but I felt as though it was critical for helping tie it all together.  
My base colors for this project where Poppy Orange, White, Gray & Green. I love how Orange and Green balance each other perfectly just like White and Gray help each other stayed balanced.

I love how each piece has the strength to stand on it's own but together it makes a cohesive look which you can see definite nods to Hong Kong Street fashion.
Before I show the rest of the pictures I better get down to the business of choosing acorns. I did this with the assistance of my sister Jo.
rocket popcicles - syringa flower - damask - "a stitch in time saves nine" - gunny sack
I am the last one to have this before it returns to An, so these are An's acorns. Feel free to sew along still sew along (flickr group) if you haven yet, There are some amazing prizes to be won.

Good luck!


  1. I seriously LOVE what you've done with these acorns - it's cohesive, edgy and fun. Great work :)

  2. It's great - I love how the top and bottom are two very different styles, but together they work so well. I want to wear this myself! Plus I love the t-shirt shape - looking forward to the tutorial.

  3. What a fabulous outfit! The look is great - every piece goes well with another.. and those shoes - wow! Looking forward to a tute for the tee :)

  4. Such a gorgeous outfit!! I'd love a tee (and skirt, and clutch) like that for me!! So glad I found your blog via Secret Squirrel - I can't wait to see more :)

  5. I love the complete look - It looks great! I really enjoyed this series!

  6. I really love the graphic tee with the floral skirt! Such a great combo.

  7. OH I Love that you were the next secret squirrel!
    You did a fabulous job! What a great interpretation!!

  8. I love this! You did such a great job getting all the acorns in there! I would have been stumped :)

  9. Gorgeous!! Thanks so much for joining in!! I hope you had fun:)) your daughter looks gorgeous

  10. Well done! I love the contrast and the playfulness of this outfit. My very favorite part is that embroidered covered button though... I want 5 dozen of those so I can put them on everything!

  11. So cute! Everything is so well put together.

  12. Wow, what a great look! I'm so impressed you were able to use all 5 acorns! Thanks for linking up with Tuesday Sews at PiePie Designs!

  13. Oh I just love it!! How fun!! Well done!! pinned ;o)


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