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The Orpha Romper: Pattern Mashup

Today we are happy to be joining in the fun of Romper Week with Sewing Mama RaeAnna (details of prizes at the end of the post).

Warm summer days bring flashbacks of my childhood mixed with pulling weeds and cream soda. Mom taught us to serve those near us for almost nothing and to be there for family. I was pushed the hardest to be my best when serving my Aunt Orpha. I remember her home was always warm and she had a clock that every hour a different bird would sing. I would sit on her soft white carpet staring at paintings for what seemed like hours as she shared stories from the past.

She was sure she wasn't going to be around for long so she never invested in a hearing aid. It seemed I never talked loud or slow enough for her to hear me clearly, but that never stopped the stories. Quite frequently Mom would drop us off and Aunt Orpha would put us to work on her beautiful flowers outside. When the weeding was done Aunt Orpha always rewarded us with a can of cold Cream Soda straight from the fridge. After the sweat and heat, nothing could have ever tasted better.

There was something beautiful about Aunt Orpha that makes me smile just thinking about her. Although she was sure she wouldn't live to be that old, she was resilient, faithful, creative, opinionated, occasionally ornery, and kind.

Something about making this romper brought back memories of all the elder ladies we served in our town. I'm not sure if it's the color scheme or the feeling of youth and summer that it brings when I see Ty in it, but it makes me look forward to a summer full of cream soda and teaching Ty to serve those around us that are less able.

We've already begun to teach the process of patience a little by trying to grow our own little wild flower garden out in front of our apartment. We don't get much sunlight (maybe a few hours) so all the little baby plants that are popping up feel like a miracle. Each day we water and are amazed by the transformation. By the time Ty's new sibling comes, we are expecting flowers.

Serving those in need is a lot like loving these baby plants and seeds. They need help little by little, and one big effort is not going to cut it. Some people don't actually need work done, just someone to visit with and young children to be around.

Enough with the stories, here's the details about the romper.
Sorry, I got a little caught up in my though process. But if you really just want to know how to duplicate the look, I used Elegance & Elephant's Bubble Pocket Shorts Pattern on bottom and Violet Field Thread's Josephine Blouse Pattern on top. The Bubble Pocket Shorts were such a quick sew and I think I will need to make a pile of them. I love the fit on them as well. The Josephine Blouse has such nice instructions to give a really professional finish. Since it had pin tucking and a ruffle tab, I wouldn't consider it a quick sew, but now that I've done it, I could easily get through it much faster in the future.

The pockets were only cut the width of the 12M size and I used the 12M amount of elastic there as well (for a slimmer fit). The tie at the waist was made from the Josephine pattern and I used scraps to make the belt loops (placing them on the seams of the bubble shorts). I ended up taking in the blouse part of the romper along the side seams for a better fit.

Since my machine always boycotts button holes, I decided to save time and seam ripping multiple times by using KAM snaps. I originally got the KAM snaps for the baby suite tour this week (and to make bodysuits for my baby) and I was amazed at their ease of application and versatility. Just in the last week I have used them for the bodysuit, Ty's romper, and a satin bolero for friend's little girl. I know also from experience that they are really tough to break. I was in a hurry and put one of the snaps on backward on the bolero. It took a good twenty minutes of trying to get it off before I was successful and at that point it was multiple attempts with my teeth eventually breaking the plastic on the front of the snap that allowed me to get it off.

I hope you loved this look as much as I did.

If you haven't entered the drawing or the link-up party yet you should because there are some great prizes.

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  1. Cute mashup!!! Loved hearing about your aunt too:)

  2. Your memories of your aunt are so sweet. Thank you for sharing. I also love the romper you created! It does have an adorable vintage vibe going.

  3. I love the memories you shared! That romper is such a fun outfit... I really like the fabrics and the tie belt. Ty is such a beautiful little girl!
    Yay, a KAM snaps convert! I love those snaps! =) Have you seen the heart-shaped ones? I had the same kind of experience trying to get one out... luckily I keep pliers in my sewing box. Even with those it was really difficult! I don't recommend the ones at Hobby Lobby or Joann's though.... they are definitely not the same thing and break really easily.

  4. Ooh I love both of those patterns and they're so good together. I'm a big fan of kam snaps too. This is a great mashUp. You should add it to my mashup link up this month :)

  5. Such a cute mashup... I am so in love with the fabric you've used. =D


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