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We were supposed to publish our post yesterday, but life got the better of us. And the heat got the better of our kids. Thank you to the great bloggers that helped organize it and thank you for letting us participate. We had originally planned to write this all together as a blog but then after talking we realized we all had different reasons for sewing so we decided on each one of us sharing a little blurp.

From Al:

Sewing is so much more than just creating. It is a way of connecting to those that have come before. It is passing on the traditions of my mother and grandmothers and their mothers before them back through the generations. It is a spiritual connection with those who I desire to know and emulate. There are so many arts that are lost through time. Sewing is just one little way of keeping a treasure alive. Some things I learn are new skills, but others are old skills with modern spins on them.

One of my favorite parts of sewing comes at the end when the project is completed. Pictures are taken to capture that moment in time and personality of those that are sewn for. I treasure these pictures of my kids more than anything else. I often times feel nostalgic and find myself skimming through the pictures over the years and being amazed at the transformation. It is encouraging as a mother to see these beautiful children that you have created and are trying to raise in goodness and righteousness.

Sewing is a way for me to make something for my family that shows how much I love them. Most things made could not be purchased. Or if they could be purchased, they wont stand the test of time that something made with the love of my hands could. Some things take weeks to finish, but knowing that gift of time makes the item that much more valued.

From Scary:
For me sewing is spiritual. I know that may seem a little deep for just putting thread to fabric, it is more than that to me. I am sort of hyperactive bouncing all around trying to get everything done. Sewing requires me to be calm as I plan, research, work, tweak & finish. (Sewing blogging has really helped with the last one :) before blogging I had more UFOs then I could count on one hand...or was that on both hands and both feet?) Sewing hasn't always been this but we don't have a piano and playing basketball is hard with two kids running around. There have been moments where I didn't know how I was going to wake up the next morning but then I dove straight into a project and some how I had the courage to make it through.
I sewed up the waves of summer collection when I was freaking out about a change in employment for my husband. And the fact that I was going to be moving/parenting two very young kids by myself for whole month.

When I approach a project I usually try to sew things that go beyond utility, items that each have a unique story. When I look at garments made with/by my mom and grandmas I feel their love. It is like a hug that lasts. There was a dress that was made by Grandma Twila nearly two decades ago that I can't wait to put on Boston. Boston will have never have had the chance to meet Grandma but she will have the chance to wear a garment made by the skilled fingers of her Great Grandma. How many "things" really have that sort of value. It is a value that can't be purchased.
Bohemian Baby Doll was made from my Grandma's Vintage Cotton and my MIL wedding dress
If you asked my kids what their favorite item that I ever made they would say without a doubt their double sided minky blankets. Which kinda makes me giggle because I had no idea what I was getting into when I started it. I had never sewn on minky before. I really wasn't highly proficient in knits.
To say I struggled would be an understatement. I sewed and seam ripped until it was "right". Looking at those blankets they may not be perfect (especially my terrible binding job around Ryder's) but my kids have loved the heck out of them. They have been dragged through the mud, washed, thrown up on, washed, spilled up on, washed and reloved each time. My kids travel with them, cuddle with them daily and build forts with them. The fact that I didn't know how to make a minky blanket and they both blankets have multiple flaws mean absolutely nothing to them. They know when they cuddle with their blanket that their Mom loves them. And that I am willing to wade through a new and strange concept for them.
I made these blankets the for Christmas for Ryder only weeks before Boston arrived. Which means when I made the blankets I had only recently got back into sewing.

My favorite reason for sewing might be the most unexpected at least for me it was. It is the relationships & community. I love people but I do not have a magnetic personality. I am pretty awkward and bit shy. I have the desire to be outgoing, but when I do I usually find myself falling flat on my social face. Sewing has become the vehicle for the beginning of many important friendships in my life.  Just yesterday, I was over whelmed by the kind words said by many of you. I thought about how blessed I was to have such encouraging friends. I came into sewing/blogging thinking that I would be able to help others; instead I have found that the benefits to me have been exponential and the friendships are among some of my dearest.

From Jo:
Why do I sew?
I started to sew, because Momma Shaffer did.  She had me on a Friday, and by that Sunday, my blessing day, she had made me a blessing gown and bonnet.  She helped me through about 10 years of Sewing 4-H.  It was a labor of love, and I am really grateful to her.  My Grandma Betty would help me with all of the zippers and hems.  I owe my quick hand-stitching to her.  
Now I sewout of necessity.  My kids need long sleeve shirts in the winter.  I sew them.  I need a new summer skirt.  I sew it.  My little girl needs a princess dress.  I sew it.
Snow pants I made for my oldest for Frances Suzanne Flip this Pattern Series
Why do I sew?  I sew as a creative outlet.  My nursing chair faces my sewing stash.  I stare at it, and try to think of things to make, things that will beautify my home, or make my family smile.
I made this shirt right after my sewing machine got fixed. It was a happy day because I got to sew and he got a snowboarder sweatshirt that he loved.
Why do I sew?  because my sisters thought I could.  "Oh, Jo, they said, you forgot how fun it is.  Start sewing again."  Scary made all of her projects look so fun, I had to jump back on the "bandwagon".
Why do I sew, because my darn sewing machine calls my name.
That is why I sew.

No matter the Reason we are grateful for the outcome.
We are so grateful for sewing and we all have a closer emotional connection than we first starte. Often time we will call for advice, encouragement or direction on an element of a sewing project. Once we call and get our question off we don't get off the phone. We talk for hours later getting a lot of emotional baggage off our chest.

Sometimes we are tired from working very hard on project(s) but in the end is worth it.


  1. I love this! Most of the above factor into why I sew as well... thank you for sharing... all three of you. =)

  2. I love this! It is so fun to read why each of you sew!

  3. Thank you for sharing ladies! I can certainly relate to sewing to say I love you :)


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