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Dear Boston

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Dear Boston,
The other day I happened upon this video and I thought of you. I want you to know you are beautiful without even trying.
I know in about 20ish years you will be a momma, with little kids that will keep you just as busy as Ryder & you do. I hope you don't think that life for me was super easy. That simultaneously I was able to keep every ball up in the air. That my house is pristine, my hair and makeup done perfectly and we just lived the Pinterestic (or whatever the big thing is 2 decades later) life. The truth is that you and your brother are my whole life. Every choice I make is dedicated to trying to better things for you.
I know I haven't lost my spark because you smile in the mirror, point to yourself and say pretty princess. Then turn to me and say, "Mommy, Queen?" It doesn't matter that my hair is pulled back in a greasy ponytail for the 3rd day straight or that I have jiggly middle. You help me remind me that none of that matters, my nature is divine.  You remind me that this calling of motherhood is an eternal position of love and that makes me want to parent with patience.
I have wanted for a long time wanted to make a mother daughter outfit to remind me of this, but hadn't taken the chance. Skirt Fixation's Challenge Create was a perfect opportunity to do this. The pictures weren't Pinterest perfect but they were real. You marked all over yourself with eyeliner & your brother spent the day having tantrums. My hair is clean, but not anything more than pulled back in a simple pony tail and I have my simple makeup job. It was too close to your bed time for you want to cooperate, but we have pictures of the two us.
I love you sweetheart. I will try my best to help you keep the confidence that you have. I will try to protect you from the lies that the world would tell you. One day when you are a mommy you have a day when everything is going wrong just give me a call and I will tell you that this is normal. You are strong, beautiful and courageous.
For the technical details of this sewing project head over to Skirt Fixation's Challenge Create: Fabric Swap Knit Week.


  1. That was such a lovely post. My eyes teared up. I can relate to so much of what you wrote! I love the outfits you created too. That white dress is so sweet and the blue is a great color for you. You two look wonderful.

  2. Well, there goes any chance I had of winning this challenge. ;-) Your outfits, along with these sweet words, blow anything I could make right out of the water. I love the letter, love the way you match. Also, how fun is it that we both used the Syrah skirt pattern (I'm in the second batch of testers) to make a stretch lace and swimsuit lining skirt, and wore them for this challenge? Mine is black and maxi length, but we both have the two front and back seams too!

  3. This is so beautifully written and you did a fabulous job with the outfits!
    Nice job Mama!


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