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Shorts that Make You Fly - E+M No. 2 Pants Pattern {Pattern Review}

I started out the year wanting to sew equally for both kids but I have kinda failed miserably. I am trying to repent of my ways, it is honestly that we get asked to do more girl stuff than boy stuff. I wish this wasn't the case (though I love the girly stuff) Ryder totally notices and gets a bit bummed when Boston gets yet another pretty dress. He is in need of more clothes immediately so behind the scenes I am working on evening the score.
For the 4th of July I took the opportunity to give him a momma made he was so yearning for. I used E+M Children Pant Pattern No. 2. I tested this pattern early this spring because of mistakes I made when stitching them up they because I goofed on a few things (a good example of two many irons in the fire) even with my mistakes the tester pair of pants have been worn everywhere and I knew I needed to make another pair.
I love the seam finishes on this pattern, you don't need a serger. Honestly with the directions included in the pattern the seams will be stronger than simple serge and they look stinking awesome. Look at that durability of the flat felt inseam!
The pattern have both a short and pants length which is great when you fall in love with a pattern like this one to have it accessible all year long. Allison has even included a boy and girl line on the shorts so you don't have to worry about your husband teasing him about short shorts (not that we have ever had anything like that happen right after I spent all day working on some awesome euro inspired swim trunks).
You also don't have to have any special fabrics for these I did some Joann's exclusive quilters cotton and the last pair I made I used seersucker for the pants and cheap broadcloth for the pockets and six months later they are still going strong.
Another great feature of this pattern is the different pocket options, for the boys plain front and pleated back & for the girls ruffled front and gathered back. I love a good unisex pattern that has details that totally sell it as the right gender because I am the type of mom that I don't really want someone questioning whether or not it was meant to be a boy or a girl sew.
I opted to do color blocking on the pleated pockets I initially planned to do them all out of red and had picked up less of the star (accent) fabric than what the pattern called for because of my plan but then when I fell in love with the star fabric I knew I wanted to put it on the back too.
When I finally finished them (not a quick sew for suck a slow sewist like myself but totally worth it) and Ryder put them on he was so happy. He loved all the pockets in them and instantly started finding treasures to fill them.
I had told Ryder that he could choose the fabric with in reason. I was a bit nervous when he chose the red but soon I fell in love with the texture that was printed on it. I wish it showed more in the pictures but there are tiny itty bitty circles with every 4th one is a bit distressed and darker printed on the fabric (it is the grainy texture in the pictures). This print has been very forgiving for all the playground playing and the water fights these shorts have been involved in. In the future I will not be shying away from bright colors for pants for him because they are so easy to find even though he is constantly dashing from one end of the playground to the other.
Another favorite part of these shorts is the back waistband on them. With the way that the instructions are written you end up with two great casings for running 1/2" elastic through. I really like having two strands of elastic because if one fails than you won't have an instant wardrobe malfunction. I also think it makes it more comfortable than just the single strand.
I love the flat waistband on the front of the pants. Pretty cool detail for such a cool kid. I love as a mom that he can get the pants on and off by himself, they look nice and there are no fixtures to worry about. I think he loves that too, he always seems to be annoyed when he has to button something up.
The pattern is labelled confident beginner or intermediate sewist. Don't be scared if your not sure if you are at that level because the instructions and pictures are clear and the techniques are sound. Anyone could sew this pattern just make sure you take enough time (3 to 4 hours) and you will have a pair of pants/shorts that you will love.
Just so you know I have no reason to right this post except that I love this pattern. I think it is a great pattern to own. I know how over night a kid can grow out of their pants and it usually doesn't coinside with a pay day but with the recommended fabrics (light to midweight quilters cotton) you are sure to have a fabric in your stash that will tie you over.

What is your favorite unisex pattern? And why?


  1. What a great review!! Thanks so much, SarahLynn. Those shorts look so cool on your handsome boy. :)

  2. I love the Parsley Pants pattern from Made by Rae. The cut is great and the fit is spot-on. I have used this pattern more times than I can count for pants and shorts for my son and daughter.

  3. Ryder looks like he is having a blast! That's a great use of contrast fabric. =)

  4. These are really great shorts! well done, and the colors really pop.

  5. The shorts are fabulous! I love all the details and the colors. You can tell he loves his new momma made pants!


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