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Samson Sweater by Love Notions

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky to get the help of Noah, Jo's second oldest son, for nearly a week. In that time I got to test the Samson Sweater pattern. It was exciting to get to work with such an refreshing and edgy look for older boys. Plus Noah got a hip back to school look.Win-win.
 There were many things I loved about this pattern, but my very favorite thing was how it recommended up-cycling from an old sweaters. This gives the opportunity to find some really cool knit without spending an arm and a leg.
The pattern has many options to customize the exact look. These are the options I had to choose between for testing, but since then Tami has added a front snap option. That will make it perfect for Heber considering his large head and how difficult it can be to get things over it.
 I opted to make the banded hem because a size 8 sweater took most of the length of the fabric from the up-cycled long sleeved polo. I paired the main fabric with red fabric cut from a maternity shirt that has never worked for me. Besides white, I didn't have any knit on hand that matched the color scheme. Given that factor and that arm cuffs are one of the easiest places to get dirty, I thought it would be wise to use the original navy arm cuffs instead of cutting white ones.
I love everything about this sweater and to be honest, I have serious sweater envy. I wish that I fit on the sizing chart for this pattern. I don't think there's anything I would change about this pattern, except that I cut to hoods so that I could have a contrast to my hoody.
Don't just take my word for it, you should keep your eyes open for everyone that has sewn it up.
Hopefully this patterns inspires you too. Here's some details I may not have fully covered:  
Three views are included: banded bottom, shirt-tail hem and hooded jacket. Also included is an optional hood, breast pocket and elbow patches. Meant for layering in cooler weather and heavy weight knits like velour, sweatshirt fleece, french terry, etc. For the baby boys as well as the big boys! 12mths - 14yrs.
If you purchase the Boy Bundle Up from Pattern Revolution go to the Love Notion Facebook page leave a comment with you bundled and Tami will message you with a code for 50% off. Or you can get 15% off the Samson sweater with code 'samson' at Etsy checkout, good through the 29th (no code needed for Craftsy).


  1. You did an amazing job! And I love this photo shoot.
    Perfect for an older boy.

  2. I like the colors you used, and nice job matching the stripes up! Is there a placement mark for the elbow patches, or do you have to figure out where they go on your own?


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