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Swing the Day Away with the Sunny Top from Sew Very

For a while now Boston has had this denim skirt; it is her very favorite skirt, but I have been at a loss of what to pair it with. Getting to be a part of the Sunny Dress Pattern Tour with sewVery ended up being the perfect solution to fix this problem. This will also be a good solution in future summers if I ever find myself in the same dilemma.

Honestly, this pattern shows more of the back than I'm comfortable exposing of my little girl to stand by itself. That being said, it is perfect for layering. With a skirt, jacket, and this top she is stylin' for any kind of outing. With this top I can keep the layers as light as possible and avoid overheating my little one. I'm sure the dress pattern would probably also make a cute swimsuit cover-up.

Usually woven tops have to have a looser fit to be comfortable, but because of the elastic casing at the back of the top, the fit is good and the top is also comfortable. The straps make it possible to make the fit last a little longer by simply not pulling the straps as tight.

The pattern calls for woven and woven fabric is easy to come by. Plus it really doesn't take very much fabric to make the top. You could easily use fabric from your refashion pile and then just pair it with a fun contrast fabric for the straps.

Another pro was that I only had to print off 2 pages to have the pattern for the size and style I needed. The total sewing time was about an hour and the cut time was under ten minutes. This is a pattern that is low on the required resources, but high on the functionality.

I feel like the pattern for this top was simple enough that a beginner could do it. There's nothing too difficult about it and there's not an overwhelming amount of instructions.

I only made one modification to the pattern to better fit my needs. Instead of using loops that are sewn onto the elastic casing, I put holes on the bodice just below the casing for a more permanent fixture. The collage above shows how I went about making these holes.

I did this because eventually loops that are sewn on might fall off. I know for me that it seems that the mending pile is ever growing. I have zero motivation to get to it when I could be creating something new. This means that everything I sew has to be made as permanent as possible.

The pattern also has a second option with a ruffle at the neckline. It would be fun to experiment more with this option when I have just the right complimentary fabric to go with my main fabric.

If you're interested: All this week, August 11th - 17th, use code SUNNY20 at checkout to save 20% off the regular price when you purchase the sewVery Sunny Dress & Top Pattern.

There are two ways to purchase: 1) through ejunkie and 2) through Craftsy (no code required for the discount here).  You can find both of these links with more information on the pattern in the sewVery Pattern Shop.

You should go check out the other talented people who stitched up this pattern as well!


  1. What an adorable little girl you have, and the Sunny Top is just precious on her! The openings for the straps are a cool alternative to the loops! They are similar to a button hole without having to use your buttonhole foot! I'll have to give that a try sometime. Thanks again for being on the tour, and congrats on PR&P!

  2. I love the fabric you used and what you paired it with! It looks really cute on Boston, and I like the permanence of the buttonholes you made as well.


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