Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Anna Inspired: Disney Princess Crafting Con Guest Post

I remember as a little girl being a princess for Halloween. I wore my prettiest dress and had flowers put into my hair. It was just this beautiful white dress and wasn't correlated with any princess in particular. I was simply Princess Al. I made a dress like that for Ty. She could be her own princess.
With the addition of a fuchsia cape and gloves, it was easy to make it look Anna inspired. Come check out my inspiration post at this month's Disney Princess Crafting Con! I am also giving a brief review of my newest favorite pattern (Candy Castle Princess Dress Pattern).


  1. I had a miniature bride dress when I was about 6 that I called my princess dress and wore all of the time.... like you, I wasn't any princess in particular, just Princess Charity. =) My mom gave me a book back then, 'The True Princess' by Angela Elwell Hunt, that goes along with what you were saying about being a daughter of God, and being kind and loving. I still have it, and I love to read it to my daughters now. =)
    I love that you didn't make this too much of a character dress. Up-cycling worked perfectly here! The back is pretty and unique, and I love the perfectly full skirt.

  2. Gorgeous dress :) My daughter has a dress that once was a special occasion all satin and tulle dress. It is too big for her, so the skirt goes practically to the floor. She loves to pair it up with a designated pair of socks as gloves and pretend to be queen Elza haha


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