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Dick and Jane Sew Many Books & Giveaway

Edited:We had a plan for signature look but when we got word from liZ and Elizabeth that we didn't get into the final week we put a halt on our plans and decided to have a carefree weekend with our families. It was really nice for Al & I to have our family spend time without doing anything blogging related. It reminded us of the old days where we were next door neighbors and our kids were able to spend hours playing out on the playground. Coming in the near future will be what our signature look would have been, but we really want to have our heart in it to be able to make it as amazing as we want it to be.
We had adored how this project turned out so we decided to that since we were no longer competing we would love to showcase this project as our signature look. It was something that we really worked on together and captures the fun stage our little toddlers are in. 

There is something so special about 2 1/2 year old stage that is so unpredictable, fun & alive. It is almost like their whole body is overflowing with self expression, energy and drive. We knew when we were invited by Emily that we wanted to give the stage to Heber and Boston to express their silly personalities. We ended up choosing a book from our youth, Dick and Jane. Our mom and Grandmother were school teachers, growing up it was always easy to find the timeless Dick and Jane readers around the house. And what would a Dick and Jane be without a Sally.
PS. If you would like to sew along with Sew Many Books click here. It really is such a fun challenge to create a book inspired print. We triple dog dare you to.
Boston's older brother and Heber's older sister are preparing to read. With older siblings entering the kindergarten arena next year, simple readers like the Dick and Jane books are always around. Heber & Boston thirst for knowledge has not been diminished because the lessons are for their older siblings. They are anxiously sitting close by soaking up all they can, desperately trying to keep up with their older buddies.
For the "Dick" look we used the E+M No. 2 pants made with Riley Blake's Slate color Basic Shades, a modified Shwin Designs Maxwell Top made with Riley Blakes Lula Lattice Blue.
The pants were sewn up according to the pattern instructions. We love this pattern it is such a classic pants pattern with awesome stitching detail.
For the top instead of buttons we used neon colored Kam snaps. Neon green piping was used on the back yoke detail. The top tab was taken off for a more classic feel. One thing about the shirt pattern it seemed like the curve of the collar meeting the shoulder line was a bit off. It is a darling design but in the future we will probably use a pattern with a better collar fit.
For the "Jane" look we used the Ruffle Top Dress from E&E patterns (currently retired but hopefully it will get a makeover and will come back on the market) made with Riley Blake "Lula Magnolia" by The Quilted Fish. The hair band is Lula Lattice Green.  We choose a blue floral because in the Dick and books Jane, Jane was always rocking floral prints. There always was a specific chapter where Jane's mom makes Jane a blue dress and it seemed all to familiar. We modified the neckline to feature a simple narrow hem at the top instead of a bias neck band.
For "Sally" look we used our own Small Pleats Betty Skirt made with Riley Blake "My Sunshine" by Zoe Pearn Art and Design. We added contrasting navy piping.
When Heber found out he was getting a new outfit he was so excited that mom was making him pants. When Samson came home from school Heber excitedly announced, "my pants". Samson was confused and told him no, it was for his older sister. Heber was crushed by the announcement and burst into tears. The mistake was soon corrected and his excitement returned.
We love that in the Dick and Jane books every where Dick goes Jane is keeping right up with him. In real life these two will not be outdone by each other they can be the best of buddies or the most competitive rival.
We are pretty tired and our brains are pretty fried so we will leave you with a half dozen or so cute pictures of the kiddos. And giveaway information at the bottom.  Enjoy.
The Riley Blake fabrics were given to us to try by Riley Blake but all opinions are our own.

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  1. Love Riley Blake's Quatrefoil Cottons. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. SOOO cute!! thanks so much for sharing with me today ;o)

  3. You ladies are hitting them out of the park lately!! Really great sewing...and photos!

  4. I can't believe you just made a Dick and Jane outfit! I just finished one on Monday for the next denim challenge on Project Run and Play. I'm in the Sew Along Group so be sure to check it out next week. Also good luck at Project Run and Play yourself...
    Deborah @ Sew Much To Give

  5. The whole collection is amazing! I love the floral on Boston's dress (and I'm really hoping that pattern is returning soon too... every version is darling) and Heber's outfit is really cute. My favorite is the little Betty skirt though... those skirts are perfectly adorable in miniature!

  6. I remember Dick & Jane all too well & using them as your inspiration is fabulous!


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